Mount Kofafey

Bontoc, Mountain Province

Mt.Kofafey is an easy trek mountain in Ang Tong Faw in Maligcong, Bontoc , Mountain Province.

Mount Kofafey News

  • Maligcong A DIY Weekend Itinerary 2D 1N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Paradise found, forgotten and reborn is the story of Maligcong, an upper barangay of Bontoc in Mountain Province, eight kilometers away from the town proper. It used to be the show window of the town but it went into a lull until social media triggered its recent reborn.

    Maligcong is the Kankana-ey term that means “surrounded by rice paddies”, as the village sits in the middle of rice terraces, hailed as among the most beautiful in the entire Cordillera Region. The rice terraces are best viewed from the two vantage points – Mount Fato and Mount Kufafey.

    Maligcong is just a thirty-m ...

  • Mount Kupapey And Maligcong Rice Terraces In Bontoc Mount Province

    Maligcong is a picturesque, rugged village in Bontoc, Mt. Province. I remember many years ago, Jec, Jen and I had merienda cena at Goldfish Café in Bontoc town proper. The name of the café was intriguing, given that it is right at the very heart of a mountainous province. Nope there weren't aquariums nor a live gold fish inside, but there hanging on its wall was a large monochromatic photo of a breathtaking rice terraces. Our server said that it is the Maligcong Rice Terraces. And that its beauty could rival that of Banaue's. The terraces is known for its stone walls which make them sturdy a ...

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    Anyone can tell you that as early as 3 years ago, local travel wasn't mainstream. In travel speak, it's the good ol' days.

    I could remember walking along the shores of Calaguas in Bicol Province, passing by children playing and a few other tourists having an early-morning swim. My footsteps were the only mark in the sand.

    Things are different now.

    Most people have joined the travel bandwagon, thanks to social media and low-cost airline prices. My Facebook feed is filled with travel posts. For us backpackers, the new challenge is to get to the next destination before it hits the public ...

  • Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    It was inevitable. We had to do something while in Maligcong. It was on our third day of doing nothing and the pressure was building. Guests at the homestay were coming and going, and us, we were still sitting our asses off, alternating between cold beer and hot mountain coffee in between meals at the veranda. Our host was already harried, wanting to guide us herself to the peaks of Mount Kupapey for the sunrise and Mount Fato for the sunset. We were unfazed. But yes, we have to at least do something while in Maligcong.

    And so it was that one morning as the rain finally abated to a very lig ...

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    Boracay, Palawan, Baguio, Vigan & Cebu are just among the many landmarks of tourism in this island nation of more than 7,000 islands. But beyond these staple vacation spots, more new places to visit in the Philippines come to life year on year.

    Yes, we have more to offer! Thanks to all sorts of developments & massive travel deals because many of our beautiful provinces have become accessible to everyone.

    Be stunned by the new places to visit in the Philippines!

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  • Mount Kupapey Climb

    Mt.Kupapey is 1647 MASL, with trail difficulty: 3/9. The summit will offer an overlooking view of Maligcong Rice Terraces and a sea of clouds. Mt.Kupapey entire experience is lite and easy, this is one of the easiest mountain I've climb. And a chance to walk alone in the middle of unfamiliar trail is priceless. It's a chance for me to think about the serious matter about life. The cold wind and the sounds of nature is so relaxing, and the view of Maligcong Rice Terraces is amazing, a perfect landscape.

    How to get there:

    From Manila, ride a bus to Baguio City. Then a bus to Bontoc. Pls Ca ...