Mount Fato

Bontoc, Mountain Province

Mount Fato is a name from the rocks and boulders that crown its summit located in Bontoc, Mountain Province. It is a different trail from Mt Kupapey.

Mount Fato News

  • Maligcongs Famed Twin Hike Mt Fato To Mt Kupapey Traverse

    Maligcongs Famed Twin Hike Mt Fato To Mt Kupapey Traverse

    About Mt. Fato

    The rocky sister of Mt. Kupapey, Mt. Fato, got its name from its rocky summit. In Maligcong dialect, fato means "bato" or rocks. The trail en route to its summit is beginner-friendly. It would take around an hour or two to reach the summit depending on your pace. The first part of the trail is a cemented staircase before it gets rocky and muddy (it rained the previous night), with some trace of blue soil similar to Sagadas Blue Soil Hills. The entire trail was covered with Pine trees and a short mossy area before reaching the summit.

  • A Journey to The Mountain Province Mt. Kupapey And Mt. Fato Travel Guide

    A Journey to The Mountain Province Mt. Kupapey And Mt. Fato Travel Guide

    When you say Mountain Province the first thing that comes to your mind is Sagada. Long and overlooked, Bontoc is the capital of Mountain Province and now currently gaining its popularity on social media. This is my first trip to the province ??" i just packed my bags and go with them. Bontoc is a town walled by mountains ranges. A unique setup where I wondered how did the people first get and settled here.

  • Maligcong A DIY Weekend Itinerary 2D 1N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Maligcong A DIY Weekend Itinerary 2D 1N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Paradise found, forgotten and reborn is the story of Maligcong, an upper barangay of Bontoc in Mountain Province, eight kilometers away from the town proper. It used to be the show window of the town but it went into a lull until social media triggered its recent reborn.

    Maligcong is the Kankana-ey term that means "surrounded by rice paddies", as the village sits in the middle of rice terraces, hailed as among the most beautiful in the entire Cordillera Region. The rice terraces are best viewed from the two vantage points ??" Mount Fato and Mount Kufafey.

    Maligcong is just a thirty-minut ...

  • Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    It was inevitable. We had to do something while in Maligcong. It was on our third day of doing nothing and the pressure was building. Guests at the homestay were coming and going, and us, we were still sitting our asses off, alternating between cold beer and hot mountain coffee in between meals at the veranda. Our host was already harried, wanting to guide us herself to the peaks of Mount Kupapey for the sunrise and Mount Fato for the sunset. We were unfazed. But yes, we have to at least do something while in Maligcong.

    And so it was that one morning as the rain finally abated to a very lig ...

  • Mountain Hiking Mount Fato

    Mountain Hiking Mount Fato

    Let the Bontoc travel story continue…

    Hiking other peak in Maligcong wasn't planned, but who got plan anyways.

    What i love about this place is that it gives you the foggy vibes that you surely love when visiting the highlands added with its pines, pines and more pines.

    We've reached Maligcong homestay round 2pm, then there were 2 other guests who have scheduled trek to Mt Fato round 3pm, they've asked as if we wanted to come, i asked my friend if she likes, then said yes. We freshen up a bit then we started scaling the mountain. To my surprise i kinda like the trail vibe, with its l ...

  • Weekend Getaway In Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada

    Weekend Getaway In Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada

    Hi! I was invited to a twin hike to Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey last weekend, October 15-16. Unfortunately, due to the typhoon (Karen) that hit North Luzon over the weekend as well, we were only able to climb Mt. Fato ??" my 42nd mountain.

    Mountain Stats
    Elevation: 1400+ MASL
    Location: Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province
    Difficulty: 2/9 (This is just my rating. The trail is wide and surrounded with a lot of pine trees)
    Trek to Summit: 1 hour

    Because we were unable to do the main activity of this trip, climbing Mt. Kupapey, we found ourselves exploring different sites in Sagada instead. ...