Mount Ampacao

Sagada, Mountain Province

Mount Ampacao is located in Sagada, Mountain Province. Based on peakery data, it ranks as the 10th highest mountain in Mountain Province and the 131st highest mountain in Philippines. It is 1889 MASL, two hours to reach to the summit which offers a beautiful scene of Sagada. The jump-off is at Brgy. Ambasing. There are two important landmarks of the mountain; the first one is ranch which some hik ...

ers mistakenly call it as the summit, and the second is the peak of mountain.

Mount Ampacao News

  • Sagada Trilogy 2017

    Where do blessed hearts go? SAGADA! ♡

    Sagada Trilogy Itinerary by Mama Zeng Profeta.

    Mt. Ampacao | Mt. Balintaugan | Mt. Polis
    March 24 to 26, 2017

  • Sagada Soul Sanctuary

    Sagada Soul Sanctuary

    I would be celebrating my birthday in November, this happened last year. It was originally planned to be spent with someone special but it didn't happen. I filed for a three days' vacation leave from work and scheduled to go south. Unfortunately, all flights were cancelled due to the APEC summit and it has been declared holiday for Filipino business units.

    On the morning of the seventeenth before heading to the office I was still undecided where I would be spending my leave. I don't want to stay in my apartment and spend five days in the mall. I don't like spending birthdays in a mall, shop ...

  • Sagada The Other Side

    Sagada The Other Side

    Weekend is not enough to explore the beauty of Sagada. Since this is in Mountain Province lot of things Sagada has to offer ??" its mountain ranges, rice terraces, falls and lake, and of course the chilly weather. One thing I love about Sagada is just chilling over a cup of coffee on a very breezy and cold weather with a backdrop of mountains ??" isn't that great?

    Since this is far from Manila ??" people usually takes tour packages from Manila for comfortable travel and all. But then 2 days is not enough unless you just want the usual tour package but if you want more of Sagada ??" try to h ...

  • Mt Ampacao Lake Danum Traverse

    Mt Ampacao Lake Danum Traverse

    Yes, there are mountains that can be hiked in Sagada as it is under Mountain Province… haha ??" corny:)

    According to Pinoy Mountaineer, Mt. Ampacao has an altitude of 1889 MASL but since Sagada is already an elevated place at an altitude of 1500+ MASL, you just need to hike around 300+ meters. Not that bad ??" so if you are already in Sagada ??" why not climb Mt. Ampacao?:)

    The trail start at the Ambasing Elementary School -around 30 minute walk away from the town center. You may also opt to rent a van to the jump off for 350 pesos (based on SAGGAS). The rough road will be the start of ...

  • Mount Ampacao Challenge Team Promising Goes To Mount Ampacao

    Mount Ampacao Challenge Team Promising Goes To Mount Ampacao

    Mount Ampacao is one of the most popular tourist spots in Sagada. Mount Ampacao is at 1,889 MASL but with first timers like me and my group, we decided to just reach the ranch, then walk directly towards Lake Danum, another place of interest in area.

    How to get to Mount Ampacao:

    We decided to climb Mt. Ampacao in the afternoon so we can traverse to Lake Danum afterwards and watch the sunset. To make it easier, our guide suggested that we take the 20-30 minute ride to the jump site and start trekking from there.

    The start of the trek is promising with concrete roads to walk on. For sea ...

  • Climbing Mt Ampacao

    Climbing Mt Ampacao

    A butt-busting ten hour bus ride and another 2.5-hour jeepney ride were enough to exhaust our bodies, but these could never tire our spirits. We were, after all, in Sagada.

    Sagada is a town in the Mountain Province, tucked away in the Cordilleras. Though remote, tourists have began flocking the town, thanks to its cooler weather and the cacophony of adventures it offers. If you have not yet known, Sagada is famous for spelunking. But not everyone in our big group of twelve wanted in, so we spent the afternoon pursuing varied interests ??" some went caving in Sumaguing Cave and others indulg ...