Maligcong Rice Terraces

Bontoc, Mountain Province

Maligcong Rice Terraces are located in Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province. Considered as the pride of the people of Maligcong, the Maligcong Rice Terraces is known for its stone walls which make the terraces more stable and stand erosion.

Upon reaching the turning point of Maligcong, one can already see the Maligcong Rice Terraces. There is no entrance fee for visiting the Maligco ...

ng Rice Terraces.

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  • Travel Guide To Maligcong In Bontoc, Mountain Province

    Travel Guide To Maligcong In Bontoc, Mountain Province

    Four kilometers away from Bontoc town proper in Mountain Province is a peaceful community filled with thriving culture and fascinating landscape. Maligcong, meaning "surrounded by rice paddies" in Kankana-ey dialect, has three sitios named Favarey, Farung-ao, and Favuyan. Sitio Favarey, which means "center", long served as the center of the town. Sitio Farung-ao is where the elementary school is located and through which several rice granaries could be found, and Sitio Favuyan which also served as the jump-off area for hiking Mts. Fato and Kupapey.

  • New Year In The Highlands Of Maligcong

    New Year In The Highlands Of Maligcong

    I sit around a flickering bonfire with two friends eating roasted marshmallows as most of the world await the coming of the New Year with so much festivities. All around us, there is only the dark outline of the mountains, a heavy cold, and a quiet that gently lays all over the land like a perpetual mist. In our simple gathering, it is hard to imagine that a just a few minutes more thousands of places in the world will be lighting up with lavish firework displays with a boisterous welcome for 2018- the very opposite of how people in rural Maligcong-the town where I am in- celebrates New Year.

  • A Complete Travel Guide To Maligcong Bontoc

    A Complete Travel Guide To Maligcong Bontoc

    After spending days in Baler and Casiguran, my dilemma was where to go next. For the first time, I was traveling without a clear itinerary. I was out of office for 11 days, met some friends in Manila, and went north to Aurora. Four days later, I had to join a group tour to Sagada.

  • Savoring Sagada Bontoc And The Beauty Of The North

    Savoring Sagada Bontoc And The Beauty Of The North

    The Philippines has spectacular sights, beautiful islands and natural landscapes to visit. After countless trips to various beaches, our family thought of doing a Mountain Province adventure for an exciting change. My hubby Dennis planned the long but scenic road trip to Sagada, Bontoc and the Maligcong rice terraces.

    Leaving Manila early in the morning, we reached Baguio City in time for a tasty Pinoy breakfast at Caf by the Ruins. And then we continued our trip to Sagada, arriving in time for lunch.

    This was my first time in Sagada and I was excited to visit the famous Sumaging Cave an ...

  • Maligcong A DIY Weekend Itinerary 2D 1N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Maligcong A DIY Weekend Itinerary 2D 1N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Paradise found, forgotten and reborn is the story of Maligcong, an upper barangay of Bontoc in Mountain Province, eight kilometers away from the town proper. It used to be the show window of the town but it went into a lull until social media triggered its recent reborn.

    Maligcong is the Kankana-ey term that means "surrounded by rice paddies", as the village sits in the middle of rice terraces, hailed as among the most beautiful in the entire Cordillera Region. The rice terraces are best viewed from the two vantage points ??" Mount Fato and Mount Kufafey.

    Maligcong is just a thirty-minut ...

  • Bontoc Caneo Weaving Wonders

    Bontoc Caneo Weaving Wonders

    Tig tig tak! Tig tig tak!" I hear the sound of the loom beaters colliding. Creating a rhythmic beat as a weave of pattern slowly forms. I watch Auntie Benita busy with her loom at the balcony of her house overlooking the roof of her neighbors along with the high mountains hugging their village of Caneo (sometimes Can-eo). Her ever watchful grand daughter Shakira stays by her side. Observing how she skillfully coordinates her motions, from pedaling the treadles to shuffling the shuttle between the threads. Much like Shakira, Benita learned how to weave watching her mother as she grows up. Tradi ...