Maligcong Rice Terraces

Bontoc, Mountain Province

Maligcong Rice Terraces are located in Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province. Considered as the pride of the people of Maligcong, the Maligcong Rice Terraces is known for its stone walls which make the terraces more stable and stand erosion.

Upon reaching the turning point of Maligcong, one can already see the Maligcong Rice Terraces. There is no entrance fee for visiting the Maligco ...

ng Rice Terraces.

Maligcong Rice Terraces News

  • Mountain Province Maligcong Rice Terraces A Traverse

    It was inevitable. We had to do something while in Maligcong. It was on our third day of doing nothing and the pressure was building. Guests at the homestay were coming and going, and us, we were still sitting our asses off, alternating between cold beer and hot mountain coffee in between meals at the veranda. Our host was already harried, wanting to guide us herself to the peaks of Mount Kupapey for the sunrise and Mount Fato for the sunset. We were unfazed. But yes, we have to at least do something while in Maligcong.

    And so it was that one morning as the rain finally abated to a very lig ...

  • Mountain Province Chilling Out At Suzette Maligcong Homestay

    A low rainbow splashed across the verdant rice terraces of Maligcong. It was drizzling on and off the whole day, but as the sun peeked across the thick blanket of clouds capping the mountains for a brief moment, a hue of colors suddenly brightened the view right in front of us. And no, we weren't tramping on the muddy trails leading to Mount Kupapey. Nor we were traversing Maligcong's rice terraces. We weren't even on the track leading to Mount Fato. We were simply at the wide open-aired veranda of ate Suzette's Maligcong Homestay, chilling it out with Misty the dog and litros of very cold Red ...

  • Maligcong Mt Province Ate Suzettes Homestay And The Rice Terraces

    I was growing restless from staying at home during my long holiday off from work. During this time, I am more open to impulsive travelling. Ung biglaan kung baga. So I told my brother be prepared to get out anytime soon.

    And so Sibling travel to Maligcong travel happened.

    From the moment I saw this from my fellow instragmmers, I instantly added it to my bucketlist. Maligcong Rice Terraces seen from Mt. Kupapey. What a sight! Sun light reflected from the stairs of rice fields and different hues of green.

    I would have made the feature image of this blog from my own shots but luck was n ...

  • Bontoc The Far Flung Favarey Village Of Maligcong

    Maligcong has become one of my favorite destinations in the Mountain Province in the recent years. I've cited five reasons on a previous post why one should go to Maligcong. Lately, I did notice that there's already an influx of tourist discovering its quiet charm and natural wonder. Most of them were doing the short climb at Mt Kupapey to see the breathtaking landscape and the rice terraces at the slope of the mountains from the summit. Mt Kupapey is just one of the interesting places in Maligcong. My recent visits there were to do some exploration treks and hike, particularly the far flung v ...

  • Maligcong Bontoc Travel Guide 2016 Mt Kupapey Itinerary Budget

    Long overshadowed by its more famous neighbors – Banaue and Sagada, Bontoc is now carving out its own identity on the tourist map. If you fancy the outdoors and off-the-beaten track, this modest capital of Mountain Province will surprise you with its wealth of attractions concealed in its towering mountains draped by verdant wilderness.

    Just 30 minutes away by land from downtown Bontoc is Maligcong, made famous by travel blogs who were looking for something new to explore in this region. So when Kirk asked me to join him on his long weekend trip to Maligcong, I packed my bag right away. ...

  • Maligcong Paradise Reborn

    Before the rise of Baguio City, Bontoc is believed to be the center of Cordillera Region, a melting pot of culture and tradition as it sits near the boundaries of the the old Mountain's sub-provinces of Abra, Kalinga and Ifugao. Bontoc today is a town making its own name and carving its own proud identity as the bustling capital of the present day Mountain Province.

    As with the other towns in Mountain Province and Cordillera, Bontoc is dotted with panoramic rice terraces. One of which is situated in the hinterland barangay of Maligcong, eight kilometers away from Bontoc town proper.

    "Par ...