Latang Cave

Sagada, Mountain Province

Latang Cave is an Underground River that spits you out near the Rocky Valley inn and Cafe, from where its a short walk back to the town of Sagada. It is another pathway to Sumaging Cave which is composed of different formations of rock minerals and ancient corals. Its complete darkness is inviting every time you pass beside it.

Latang Cave and Underground River News

  • Sagadas Underground River

    Sagadas Underground River

    For any adventurous junkie out there, never miss the underground river once you visit Sagada! It's always included on eco tour that can be done in a day.

  • SinagadAngSagada Banaue-Sagada-Baguio 4D3N Adventure

    SinagadAngSagada Banaue-Sagada-Baguio 4D3N Adventure

    Almost 8 months of waiting and preparing for this trip to happen, my college friends and I had successfully made our first out-of-Cebu trip together. I personally don't have any idea of what places Sagada can offer since the initial plan was Ilocos. All I know is that we would be traveling to north of Luzon for more or less 12 hours. I am not used to that. I even puked 4 times during the travel.

    I actually browsed the itinerary just the day before the trip so I know what to pack and what not to bring. I never expected that this would turn out to be the most tiresome yet most amazing trip I ...

  • That Place Called Sagada Part Three Day Two Adventures In Sagada

    That Place Called Sagada Part Three Day Two Adventures In Sagada

    The alarm I set last night rang at exactly 4:00 am. Before standing up, I had an inner debate whether where we're going would be worth it. Because yesterday's activity affected my body today. After five minutes of internal fighting with my brain, I finally decided to get up and prepare for our next adventure.

    At 4:30 am we were on our way to the Municipal Hall (our designated meet up place), to catch the Kiltepan Sunrise (also famous in Sagada). It was a ten-minute ride before reaching Kiltepan Peak. When we arrived, there were already lots of people. Literally hundreds just to catch a glim ...

  • Sagada Mountain Province Part 2

    Sagada Mountain Province Part 2

    It was a few minutes after 7am that I got to St. Joseph after hiking back from Kiltepan. I had breakfast at the restaurant where they also served free coffee.

    I changed back to my running shorts. If you're a first time spelunker, it would really help to wear loose or stretchable shorts. You never know how much leg stretching could be involved.

    At 8:30am, I went to the Tourist Information Center to meet my guide for the day ??" Kuya Larry. I was going to first have the Cave Connection (long caving ??" P800), then we would have the Sagada Central Eco-Tour (P600) and Kuya Larry talked me in ...

  • Sagada Adventure-Filled Sojourning

    Sagada Adventure-Filled Sojourning

    When I started to follow my heart and splurged into my wanderlust, I have learned to travel alone. I can't just wait for the world to be ready. If I want to go places, I have to do it now even if it means I have to do it on my own. But during the course of my daring gest, I met a lot of people who have the same passion as I have and they became my travel companions, and later on my friends. I don't really know them personally but we're connected by the soul of travel.

    Sagada has been in my bucket list, probably after watching the movie That Thing Called Tadhana. It is not only a destination ...

  • Impromptu Sagada Underground River Detour From The Hanging Coffins

    Impromptu Sagada Underground River Detour From The Hanging Coffins

    "Where are you girls going?" we asked curiously as three girls young girls, ages ranging from 10??"12 were going down a trail almost unnoticeable from the dense vegetation just below the famed. "Down to check on our goats by the cave?" one said. A cave? I thought for a moment and probably she was referring to the Sagada Underground River Cave found deep into the valley. "Let's follow them!" My newfound towering Russian companion excitedly suggested our group. In the many times I have visited Sagada, I don't remember having visited the cave before so we just followed the young girl's footsteps. ...