Lake Danum

Sagada, Mountain Province

Lake Danum is a small lake which is a Kankana-ey word (also is prevalent in Ilocano) which means water. It is surrounded by pine trees and its scent proliferate the area making a relaxed atmosphere and one of the best places to camp at Sagada.

Located in Sitio Patay, Lake Danum or Lake Banao (from those in Besao) is approximately four kilometers from Sagada Municipal Hall. With its ...

grassy and tree-shaded ground, it is a perfect place for camping or picnic, and serves as jump-off point to a Mt. Ampacao trek.

Lake Danum News

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    Sagada Budget Travel Guide (With Itinerary Expenses And Top Attractions)


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  • Sagadas Lake Danum

    Sagadas Lake Danum

    Sagada is a town in the Cordillera Mountains, within the Philippines Mountain Province and Lake Danum is one of its landmarks where people usually bid goodbye to a great day. It is one of the ideal place to go if you want to be at peace with the nature as you await the setting sun over the mountains of Ampacao.

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    A Home Away From Home

    I have always considered Sagada as my second home since the first time I came into this town. The memory were so fresh that I could still remember the scent of the cabin that we stayed for almost two nights, the sound of the burning campfire outside the homestay, and the most unforgettable unique bitter taste of Sagada brewed coffee. Nothing much has changed since the first time we were here except for some newly opened restaurants and left to right constructions of small cabins and other accommodations. The town itself is indeed growing in terms of population, public services, structures, and ...

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    Hello, lovely! Last April, I went in Sagada, Mountain Province with my co-employees as our company's summer outing and team building. As we went up in Sagada, we've seen the beauty of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. We also went in Baguio. Here are some of the montages. Hope y'all enjoy it.