Lake Danum

Sagada, Mountain Province

Lake Danum is a small lake which is a Kankana-ey word (also is prevalent in Ilocano) which means water. It is surrounded by pine trees and its scent proliferate the area making a relaxed atmosphere and one of the best places to camp at Sagada.

Located in Sitio Patay, Lake Danum or Lake Banao (from those in Besao) is approximately four kilometers from Sagada Municipal Hall. With its ...

grassy and tree-shaded ground, it is a perfect place for camping or picnic, and serves as jump-off point to a Mt. Ampacao trek.

Lake Danum News

  • Mt Province Adventure Sagada

    Mt Province Adventure Sagada

    Our adventure today takes us 395.7 kilometers north of Manila to the municipality of Sagada in the province of Mt. Province.

  • Dear Sagada Mountain Province Travel Vlog

    Hello, lovely! Last April, I went in Sagada, Mountain Province with my co-employees as our company's summer outing and team building. As we went up in Sagada, we've seen the beauty of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. We also went in Baguio. Here are some of the montages. Hope y'all enjoy it.

  • Exploring Mountain Province Maligcong Bontoc And Sagada

    Exploring Mountain Province Maligcong Bontoc And Sagada

    I've been fascinated by Mountain Province even before the hit film, That Thing Called Tadhana, made one of its municipalities, Sagada, a word-of-mouth for people of all ages. Some friends, either travelers or not, have already experienced the said Cordillera province and the common thing that they tell me about the place is that it's beautiful, more so when it wasn't yet bombarded with people. Anyhow, I'm still excited about going here especially that I was also planning to visit the beautiful terraces of Maligcong that is found in the capital municipality of Mountain Province, Bontoc. Despite ...

  • JedSetting Sagada

    Welcome to TheJedSetter!
    Our first featured destination - SAGADA.

    Sagada is a town in the Cordillera Mountains, within the Philippines' Mountain Province. The place is known for its cold weather, quaint little city, caves for spelunking, and great food and coffee.

    This video will show you how I saw the beautiful Sagada through my lens. Every time I close and re-open my eyes, it offers a new sight and a new experience. I'll be back for sure.

  • Sagada Road Trip 2D 1N

    Sagada Road Trip 2D 1N

    Sagada is a far away travel destination. It nestled in the mountain province. Long before the movie " That Thing Called Tadhana", which contributed to much of its fame today, I have been planning to see this place. I have learned about Sagada with my super travel friends in the year 2011.

    Oh yes! I waited that long before I was able to visit Sagada. Three years ago, I initiated the plan for our Sagada experience. We already have itineraries, to-do-list , where to eat and etc. I planned this with my girl friends. But due to work constraints, I, the leader of the Sagada tour was not able ...

  • SinagadAngSagada Banaue-Sagada-Baguio 4D3N Adventure

    SinagadAngSagada Banaue-Sagada-Baguio 4D3N Adventure

    Almost 8 months of waiting and preparing for this trip to happen, my college friends and I had successfully made our first out-of-Cebu trip together. I personally don't have any idea of what places Sagada can offer since the initial plan was Ilocos. All I know is that we would be traveling to north of Luzon for more or less 12 hours. I am not used to that. I even puked 4 times during the travel.

    I actually browsed the itinerary just the day before the trip so I know what to pack and what not to bring. I never expected that this would turn out to be the most tiresome yet most amazing trip I ...