Kiltepan Viewpoint

Sagada, Mountain Province

Kiltepan Viewpoint, a spot famed for the amazing view of sunrise in Sagada. It is also known as Kiltepan Peak, being the highest point in the area bounded by villages of Kilong, Tetep-an and Antadao. Giving you a view of the Kiltepan Rice Terraces from below having standing on a ravine at 1640 meters above sea level, one can see how the sun rises slowly filling up the skies with an awesome play of ...

light over the farther mountains of the Cordilleras while sea of clouds slowly drifts away from caressing the valley below.

Kiltepan Viewpoint News

  • Sagada Much Needed Mountain Retreat

    Where do broken hearts go They go on mountain retreats, stuff their faces with lemon pie and gulp strong coffee and scream “You stupid ass, you broke my heart! You ruined me” at Kiltepan view.

    Sarcasm aside, Sagada is known as “Mountain Province’s Pride” with only about 5,000 residents. It’s the best place to chase away summer. It’s coldest during February but we got to experience a cool 15c – 25c weather when we visited (March 2017).

    How to get to Sagada:

    Coda Bus Lines offer straight trips to Sagada. I do suggest taking the Baguio-Sagada route. It took us 18 hours to ...

  • JedSetting Sagada

    Welcome to TheJedSetter!
    Our first featured destination - SAGADA.

    Sagada is a town in the Cordillera Mountains, within the Philippines' Mountain Province. The place is known for its cold weather, quaint little city, caves for spelunking, and great food and coffee.

    This video will show you how I saw the beautiful Sagada through my lens. Every time I close and re-open my eyes, it offers a new sight and a new experience. I'll be back for sure.

  • 10 Breathtaking Things To Do In Sagada

    Sagada is one of the best places in the Philippines that I have seen because of its rich culture, tradition, people, and natural resources. I live in the northern part of the country that is why I have affiliation with our brothers and sisters who live there. Some of them also speak Ilocano which is the dominant language in Isabela where I came from.

    Our faculty outing last April 15-17, 2015 was set in Sagada. It was a long ride from Manila. We first had our stop over early in the morning to see the Banaue Rice Terraces, a 2,000-year-old terraces that were carved into the mountains in the P ...

  • Manila, Sagada And First Impressions Of The Philippines

    After a visit to Spain that felt shorter than it actually was, I was off again. This time, I was heading to The Philippines – a new country for me.

    Not only is The Philippines a new country for me, but one of which I had absolutely no expectations. Honestly, I knew very little about The Philippines. My knowledge of Filipino people, too, is limited to those I've met. Those I met, I knew to be very friendly, and love photography and basketball. So, I assumed we'd get along. So far, I'm right.


    I landed in Manila really late, and really didn't have any time planned there. To be h ...

  • Beach Mountain Sagada

    Eight hours of winding roads. If not the best trip I have ever had, this one was the most spiritual experience I have had traveling. The mountains of Luzon have the most amazing sceneries and greeneries to offer.

    Many have proclaimed that they have visited Sagada before its heyday – which makes them cooler than the rest. Okay, okay, we get you! I have to be honest that what really got me to go to this nearer-to-the-stars place was the movie That Thing Called Tadhana in 2015. Does going to a place as an after-movie-effect make you uncool? That was the movie's goal, right? Not only did I su ...

  • Baguio-Sagada-Batad 5 Day Budget Travel Guide Itinerary

    For the yuppies of today's generation, Baguio City has been a quick respite out of the hustle of Metro Manila primarily due to its refreshing and cool climate althroughout the year. The "City Of Pines" which is a melting pot of different ethnicity and culture has always captivated the interest of those looking for an easy break out of the city jungle without breaking the bank or flying long hours. Going there is a minimum of 6 hours but has been made more convenient in the recent years due to many options made available by transport operators such as Victory Liner which offer top of the line f ...