Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

Sagada, Mountain Province

The Kapay-aw Rice Terraces is located at Sagada, Mountain Province. It isn't as popular as the other Rice Terraces but with the variation of greens and patterns and low spread over the valley, it has a scene begging to be photographed.

Kapay-aw Rice Terraces News

  • Sagada been there done that i survived

    Sagada been there done that i survived

    Who would have thought that finally I have the courage to visit one of my dream destination to go for!? It's SAGADA!!! I've been dreaming it for how many years after I decided to travel around the Philippines! And here it is! With my newly recruited travel buddies Crisel and Catherine, we explore what Sagada can offer to us! It was a night of Thursday (March 12,2015), we started our trip. Because the three of us don't have any car we decided to take a bus going to Baguio! By 10:30 pm, we departed on the bus terminal and take the trip smoothly, no hustle bustle, we just have to seat and relax a ...

  • 15 Local Destinations You Should Visit This Summer

    15 Local Destinations You Should Visit This Summer

    Take a break and visit these breathtaking destinations in the Philippines.

    Traveling deepens our knowledge and allows us to experience different culture, eat local food, learn history, and interact with other people ??" the list could, quite possibly, go on forever. Our country has 7,107 islands. How many of those have you visited?

    Since summer season is just around the corner, everyone is already raving about beach trips and out of town vacations. For new graduates who will take on much bigger roles in the next months to come, and for hard working people who need their much-needed breat ...

  • Mynns Top 10 Things to do in Sagada

    Mynns Top 10 Things to do in Sagada

    Sagada is a pretty mountain town nestled in the Cordillera mountains of the Philippines. If you're making a trip up north of the island of Luzon, be sure to plan a stop in Sagada. This mist-shrouded town is blessed with a quiet and serene atmosphere, cool and refreshing mountain air, gorgeous scenery and amazing natural wonders.

    Despite all its wonderful qualities, Sagada is actually most notable for its funeral practices and burial customs that are still practised by the minority tribes in the mountains. Many locals and backpackers make the trip here to witness its unique traditions and to ...

  • Mount Ampacao Traverse To Lake Danum

    Mount Ampacao Traverse To Lake Danum

    On our final day in tranquil Sagada, we decided to conquer its highest peak - Mt. Ampacao. Mt. Ampacao is readily visible from around the town, with the telecommunication tower on top.

    As 1st-time hikers, we were supposed to start our day early. However, due to the soreness of our weary muscles probably because of our previous day's hiking adventure to Bomod-ok Falls (Big Falls) and spelunking at the Sumaguing Cave, we had to rendezvous at the jump-off point with our guide (Zeph Agayo) at around 10:00AM. Jeff our ever reliable driver was the one who contacted Zeph.

    The jump-off point is ...

  • Kapayaw Rice Terraces in Sagada

    Kapayaw Rice Terraces in Sagada

    To go to Sumaguing Cave, one has to take the road that also leads to the entrance trail to Lumiang Cave. To reach the "Big Cave", you also have to pass by the side of the zipline adventure and the Kapay-aw Rice Terraces. It wasn't the planting season nor the harvest season when we visited Sagada, so Kapay-aw Rice Terraces were not at their best. Well, but at least we saw it.

    Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

    Kapay-aw Rice Terraces would have been so green if we visited it around February or March, when farmers plant the rice. It would have been golden when we visited it at har ...

  • Mountain Province Easy Afternoon at Kapayaw Rice Terraces in Sagada

    Mountain Province Easy Afternoon at Kapayaw Rice Terraces in Sagada

    Much has been written about Sagada already so I won't go repeating much than to update some of the old photos I took of the place. For those who have endured the hours of travel to get to this fascinating mountain town, I found it rare that people won't be enamored with its old-world feel, lush surroundings, cool clime, great food and especially interesting people. I'm actually grateful Karl Grobl decided to include Sagada in their itinerary since the Cordilleras really shows how rich and unique our culture is beyond the beaches we are known for.

    Since we only have a full day here, we got a ...