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  • A Journey to The Mountain Province Mt. Kupapey And Mt. Fato Travel Guide

    A Journey to The Mountain Province Mt. Kupapey And Mt. Fato Travel Guide

    When you say Mountain Province the first thing that comes to your mind is Sagada. Long and overlooked, Bontoc is the capital of Mountain Province and now currently gaining its popularity on social media. This is my first trip to the province ??" i just packed my bags and go with them. Bontoc is a town walled by mountains ranges. A unique setup where I wondered how did the people first get and settled here.

  • Bontoc Caneo Weaving Wonders

    Bontoc Caneo Weaving Wonders

    Tig tig tak! Tig tig tak!" I hear the sound of the loom beaters colliding. Creating a rhythmic beat as a weave of pattern slowly forms. I watch Auntie Benita busy with her loom at the balcony of her house overlooking the roof of her neighbors along with the high mountains hugging their village of Caneo (sometimes Can-eo). Her ever watchful grand daughter Shakira stays by her side. Observing how she skillfully coordinates her motions, from pedaling the treadles to shuffling the shuttle between the threads. Much like Shakira, Benita learned how to weave watching her mother as she grows up. Tradi ...

  • More Surprises Up For 2018 Lang-ay Festival

    More Surprises Up For 2018 Lang-ay Festival

    The successful offering of the biggest 'patupat' and the traditional 'sinab-ang' during the recent Langa-ay festival has motivated the provincial government and its private sector partners to provide the local residents and more visitors with local delicacies as added attraction for the annual staging of the province's major crowd-drawing event held every April.

    Gov. Bonifacio Lacwaan, Jr. said for next year's offering, Lang-ay festival organizers are contemplating on serving to the public the biggest 'linapet,' one of the major traditional products of Besao town as one of the major feature ...

  • Lang-ay Festival 2017 Highlights

    Lang-ay Festival 2017 Highlights

    Different cultural groups performed on the street at the 13th Lang-ay Festival at Bontoc, Mountain Province.

    Agriculture, Environment protection, as well as indigenous games were depicted during the street performances.

    The event is coordinated by the Lang-ay Festival Organization, Inc. which aims to promote cultural integrity among the Igorots.

  • Lang-Ay 2017

    Lang-ay festival dance opening,here shows the Bontoc male dancers plays the Gangsa (flat gongs) and the female dancers dance carrying a baskets on top of there heads which depict abountiful harvest,and dance with a free hands like flying above the heavens below the town of Bontoc,and singing a harmonic Austronesian melody that resembles a Cantonese opera songs,chants and unity is bountiful but its the pride of the Bontoc's and also the Igorots of Montaniosa,for showing traditions and Cultural identity thru dance and still flourishing at this time of modernity.

    But this is the Beginning of ...

  • Ethnic Fashion Show To Highlight Lang Ay Festival

    Ethnic Fashion Show To Highlight Lang Ay Festival

    The local weavers in the province are being notified to prepare for the Ethnic Fashion Show in the first week of April 2017 as part of the Lang-ay Festival 2017.

    This is the gist of the message of Paulino Tumapang, Jr., chairperson of the Lang-ay Festival Organization, who pushed for the prioritization of local weavers and designers to participate in the event, said that the event is to promote the local weaving industry of the province.

    In past Ethnic Fashion Shows, local weavers showcased through their respective models the locally designed clothings, bags and accessories, gowns and ba ...