Balangagan Cave

Sagada, Mountain Province

Balangagan Cave is located in the hilly and pine tree covered barangay of Taccong and Suyo, Sagada, Mountain Province. It offers tourists a more historic adventure. It has also a unique wonder, natural underground environment of various rock formations and century-old burial grounds of the ancestors of the indigenous peoples in the area.

Balangagan Cave News

  • Balangagan Cave Sagada Malboro Country

    Places visited:
    1. Balangagan Cave - Sumaguing was too crowded when we were in Sagada so our guide recommended that we visit this cave instead. Not as stellar as Sumaguing, but we had the cave to ourselves!

    2. Malboro Country

    3. Saturday Market in front of the Municipal Hall.

    tour company - Saggas - JayR -09157084830 (the best guide in Sagada!)
    Balangagan cave guide - Kriz


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  • Sagada Traverse

    Sagada Traverse

    Before this trip, I asked myself "Is it too soon to visit Sagada again?" I remember the first time I went solo in Sagada, the companions I met there asked, "Bakit ka magisa? Broken hearted ka ba?" That time, I was not. It is different this time.

    I don't want to say that I am broken. Hmmm. Partly maybe because I feel empty? Though I am not bragging about being single or alone, the feeling is just different because after almost 4 years of being in a relationship with someone, now I am just myself. Growing up independently, I guess I can cope up with it. Lol.

    Anyways, it took me a week to d ...

  • Sagada chosen as host of national caving congress

    Sagada chosen as host of national caving congress

    Sagada, Mountain Province will host the 16th season of the nationwide caving congress next year.

    The municipal government is now coordinating with the regional offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Tourism-for the preparations for the event, said Municipal Tourism Action Officer Robert Pangod.

    With around 600 to 800 participants flocking the prime caving destination in the region, Pangod said they are preparing their accommodation areas, plenary, and workshop venues and logistics for the participants.

    "The government and private agencies ...

  • Sagada Balangagan Cave an underground wonder and ancient burial ground

    Sagada Balangagan Cave an underground wonder and ancient burial ground

    The genesis is from a folk tale passed on by elders. A long time ago, three men from Taccong, Sagada went for kupiti (bat) hunting inside a liyang (cave) caught quite a fortune ??" lot of bats. On their exit, they had difficulty finding the way out. They got tired, confused, and fear took over them as it seemed they kept ending up in the same area of the liyang. They heard a voice of a spirit dwelling in the cave. It told them not to take out dwellers (the bats) or anything from the cave. Immediately, the three men Bangcawayan, Lawagan and Nagayang freed all the bats they caught. Then they fol ...

  • Sagada Reopens Balangagan Burial Cave After Long Closure

    Sagada Reopens Balangagan Burial Cave After Long Closure

    The town of Sagada has reopened the infamous Cave of Balangagan. Located just a few kilometers from one of the top attractions in Sagada, Sumaguing Cave, the cavern is listed as the deepest cave in the entire Philippines.

    Balangagan is a noted hot-spot from years ago, but reaching the notorious cave is not so easy. Today a road is being built to assist numerous visitors in gaining access to the remote site.

    Mt. Province Representatvie Maximo Dalog has emphasized the need to develop and protect the region for future generations of Filipino's and international visitors. The unique cavern g ...

  • Sagada opens Balangagan burial cave

    Sagada opens Balangagan burial cave

    This town reopened its most mysterious cave for spelunking after the traditional offering of prayers and caƱao.

    Located a few kilometers below Sagada's top tourist drawer, the Sumaguing Cave, known as the deepest natural cave connection in the country, Balangagan Cave offers tourists a more historic adventure and a deeper sense of Sagada's reverence for their ancestors.

    Mt.Province Representative Maximo Dalog, who graced the event, emphasized the need to develop and protect the area. The ongoing construction of the Sabangan-Sagada road and other road developments are expected to make th ...