Macajalar Bay

Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Macajalar Bay is a deep water bay of the Bohol Sea, located north of the Province of Misamis Oriental on Mindanao Island, southern part the Philippines. Cagayan de Oro City, being the regional center of Northern Mindanao, is located in one of its deep-water harbor. Twelve of the municipalities of Misamis Oriental share a coastline with the bay.

Towards the end of the 1980s, the Nort ...

hern Mindanao region experienced rapid economic growth due to a confluence of factors: infrastructure growth, in-migration due to rising conflict in other parts of Mindanao and increased speculative capital investments due to development plans for establishment of a new Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Industrial Corridor. With these, the environment and livelihoods of local or traditional farming and fishing communities came under massive threat and dis-location.

In the mid-1980s, Northern Mindanao emerged to become one of the three major growth centers in southern Philippines, with Cagayan de Oro City as its commercial and industrial hub. The coastal city of Cagayan de Oro, fronting Macajalar Bay, became a major industrial port and an entry point for new migrants and settlers.

From a 3rd Class City in the 1970s, Cagayan de Oro's population burgeoned to nearly half of million by the late 1990s. But rapid economic growth also spawned increased land speculation, illegal logging, sea piracy, destructive fishing and mining practices, shipping and industrial pollution.

Today, the presence of many industrial projects in and around Cagayan de Oro City, continue to spew large amount of pollutants into the bay.

Macajalar Bay News

  • 2-month Fishing Ban In Macajalar Bay

    2-month Fishing Ban In Macajalar Bay

    The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will ban sardines fishing in Macajalar Bay from December this year to February 2018.

    The decision is based on a study by Mindanao State University (MSU)-Naawan, indicating that sardines, locally known as "tamban," hatch their eggs during this period in the bay, BFAR Misamis Oriental Provincial Director Teodoro Bacolod said.

    To effectively enforce the ban, Bacolod said BFAR has already requested the legislative councils of all 15 local government units (LGUs) surrounding Macajalar Bay to enact ordinances for the purpose.

    The cities o ...

  • Municipal City Water Delineation And Coastal Zoning Of Macajalar Bay

    One major plan of the Macajalar Bay Development Alliance (MBDA) is the delineation of the municipal waters of its 14 memberLGUs. The plan came about because the municipal waters of Macajalar Bay are not yet officially and properly delineated. MBDA anticipated boundary conflicts in the planning and development of the areas and in the implementation of the Bay's policies and regulations. In fact, no LGU could establish its own fishing zones because the municipal waters' boundaries have not yet been clearly established.

    Thus, on October 14-18, 2013, Engr. Aaron Andro V. Ching and Mr. Edyson P. ...

  • The Mouth Of Cagayan De Oro River

    The Mouth Of Cagayan De Oro River

    The Cagayan de Oro River drains into Macajalar Bay through this seemingly narrow opening between two coastal barangays of the city: Bonbon on the west and Macabalan on the east.

    The Bonbon side is characterized by a dense mangrove area with the population located further inland while the Macabalan side is a densely populated community just steps away from the dike.

    In case you didn't know it, some years back, residents cross the river by merely walking from one side to the other side. It is because the area where the freshwater (Cagayan de Oro River) meets the seawater (Macajalar Bay) ha ...

  • To Protect Environment SPI Partners With LGUs

    To Protect Environment SPI Partners With LGUs

    If there is one another thing that STEAG State Power, Inc. (SPI) would like to be known for, aside from "Empowering Mindanao," it is this: putting premium on partnerships to protect the fragile environment of its host communities.

    SPI has undertaken various programs and projects with both private and public sectors to protect the environment in an effort to ensure the sustainable future of these communities.

    And it is not surprising that environmental protection is at the top of its agenda, aside of course from delivering efficient, reliable, and safe power to the Mindanao Grid because " ...

  • Agutayan island watch tower inaugurated

    Agutayan island watch tower inaugurated

    The Provincial Government of Misamis Oriental and private partner, STEAG State Power Inc., led the inauguration, Friday of the newly-completed Agutayan Watchtower and Light House project situated at the Agutayan white island, five kilometers from Jasaan mainland in Misamis Oriental.

    The project was a joint undertaking of the provincial government of Misamis Oriental, the Department of Energy (DOE), STEAG State Power Inc. and the local government unit (LGU) of Jasaan.

    Misamis Oriental Governor Bambi Emano and SPI President and CEO Bodo Goerlich led the inauguration rites attended by touri ...

  • Misor Fast Losing Its Marine Resources Biologist

    Misor Fast Losing Its Marine Resources Biologist

    Misamis Oriental's primary source of aquatic resources is facing serious threats because of the rapid increase in economic activities.

    Marine biologist Josefino Bascug, a capitol consultant on environmental concerns, said this even as he pointed out that unless the government and other stakeholders in the province acted on the problem at Macajalar Bay, the province would soon lose a major fishing ground.

    He said the deterioration of Macajalar Bay has started to affect the entire marine ecosystem. Bascug called on citizens to help through proper waste disposal. He said garbage largely con ...