Macahambus Cave

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Macahambus Cave is a scenic cave in the Misamis Oriental province, part of Cagayan de Oro, in the Philippines. The area of the cave is part of the tropical Macahambus Forest nature reserve.

The cave, which houses a colony of bats, is a tourist attraction, and it is equipped with path and walkable scenic trails; one end of the cave leads to a veranda overlooking the Cagayan River. Ab ...

out 200 meters from the cave itself there is a doline, improperly referred to as the Macahambus Gorge.

This was actually the steep precipice where the enemy forces fell to their deaths. Today, a flight of over a hundred steps leads one down to the floor of the gorge where there is an underground river that comes out from one cave to another cave . The cave is covered with a lush tropical forest growth.

Macahambus Cave Gorge and Adventure Park News

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    Fast facts

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