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  • The 9th Waterfalls-Tiklas Falls

    The 9th Waterfalls-Tiklas Falls

    Location : Gingoog City
    How to get there: (by car - pick up)
    Note : On this post I am indicating the road condition to guide travellers with cars on the accessibility of the falls
    Date: August 3, 2014

    From Cagayan de Oro City, drive 130 km via CDO - Butuan Road passing the towns of Balingasag and Medina. From Gingoog City, continue driving and you will pass 2 bridges then you will see the signage below. Turn right then drive for another 7km to reach the jump off point to the falls.

    If you're coming from Butuan City drive 75 km via Butuan - CDO Road passing the towns of Nasipit and Mag ...

  • The Kaliga Festival

    The Kaliga Festival

    Every 23rd of July, Gingoog City celebrates its colorful and joyous Kaliga Festival!. The said festival is celebrated to preserve the culture and traditions of the Higaonons are ethnic groups of the Philippines found in Misamis Oriental and some part of Mindanao. Kaliga is a thanksgiving celebration, meaning "to thank magpabaya" the believed God, the same God that we praised, for all the blessings, bountiful harvest, and many more.

    At 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the Kaliga street dancing around the city began!. People gathered in the streets to witness the colorful costumes, ethnic dance ...

  • Students Perform A Tribal Dance During The 32nd Kaliga Festival In Misamis Oriental

    Students Perform A Tribal Dance During The 32nd Kaliga Festival In Misamis Oriental

    Students perform a tribal dance during the 32nd Kaliga festival in Gingoog city, Misamis Oriental province, southern Philippines July 23, 2011. The Kaliga festival is held annually on July 23 to give thanks to the God Magbabaya (Ruler of All) for the year's harvest as well as to showcase traditional music and costumes of the indigenous people.

  • On Gingoog Citys 35th Kaliga Festival

    On Gingoog Citys 35th Kaliga Festival

    Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines (July 23, 2014) The revelry filled the main thoroughfares with colorful tribal dances and animation of various creatures usually inhabit in a dense forest down to the seas with varying sizes magnified around a thousand times from their real forms made onlookers' eyes glued in awe in today's 35th Kaliga Festival on the occasion of the 54th City Charter Day Celebration, here around 800 kilometers south of Metro Manila.

    Giant monkeys, butterflies flapping their glittering wings and colossal shrimps, a symbol of environmental balance, dominated the st ...

  • Kaliga Festival

    Kaliga Festival

    Kaliga Festival (July 22) "Kaliga" means thanksgiving for the Gingoognons to the blessings that they have received all year round. It is also the Gingoognon's expressions of gratefulness to the Almighty's undying love and continued assurance of prosperity.

    This colorful and joyous festival of abundance and prosperity, also arouse to look back the city's Manobo and Higaonon roots, their culture and traditions through rituals and street dancing.

    It is one of the most awaited parts in a week celebration for the people in Gingoog and its neighboring areas. During this time there was a street ...

  • Juvenile Many Spotted Sweetlips At Anda Bohol Philippines

    Juvenile Many Spotted Sweetlips at Anda, Bohol, Philippines diving with Magic Oceans Dive Resort.