Catanico Falls

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Catanico Falls is located about 10 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental. The falls drop into a swimming pool where bathers could dive from where the water descends; concealed by huge boulders and covered with ferns and moss. They are located on the Cugman River.

Catanico Falls News

  • Along the way to FS Catanico watersfalls

    Along the way to FS Catanico watersfalls

    Actually it was planned to start this morning from the center of barangay F.S. Catanico to hike to the top of the Malasag hills, to cross them an to come out close to the PHIVOLCS station by the road to Sitio Malasag and Mapawa Park. The top images shows the bad conditions we encountered right at the beginning. The onetime dirt road had been badly damaged by landslides and wash-outs from tropical storm Sendong, typhoon Pablo and recently by LPA Agaton.

    In the end I gave up and we decided to walk the newly build road to the F.S. Catanic waterfalls. We're greeted with magnificent river and mo ...

  • What to see in Cagayan de Oro

    friendship is known to be a highly urbanized city with lots of historical and tourism sites. It has beautiful spots that tourist and visitors should see. And with the help of the Local government of Cagayan de Oro and the tourism council, these historical sites and tourist sites are continuously monitored, renovated and even modernized to preserve and improve its beauty and value. To have a glimpse of these said places, just continue dragging your mouse.

    Cagayan de Oro Parks:

    Visit Gaston Park located across the St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, the city's main Roman Catholic Church ...

  • The City of Golden Friendship

    The City of Golden Friendship

    Cagayan de Oro (abbreviated C.D.O.) is one of the most important cities in Mindanao. It is the capital of the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines, and the regional center for Northern Mindanao (Region X). According to the 2000 census, it has an estimated population of 461,877 people in 200,000 households.

    The city has many names. It is called the Gateway to Northern Mindanao, the City of White Water Rafting and River Trekking. But most of all, it is through its warm and hospitable people that the city got its name as "The City of Golden Friendship."

    Cagayan de Oro is base to multi ...

  • Misamis Oriental Waterfalls

    Misamis Oriental Waterfalls

    The Libon-lawit Falls is three waterfalls connected to the same stream. The three waterfalls have their own beauty which allure tourists. The first is the 120-feet high "Tiklas Falls" that has a 30-meter diameter pool. Second is the "Kilubag Falls" which serves as the major attraction and the third one is "Bangbang Falls" which measures 70-feet high. The falls is located 13 kms. from Poblacion, Gingoog City.

    Another great waterfall to see is the Aya-aya. It is a small waterfall located in the heart of Lugait. From the jump-off point, tourist will pass through foot trails up to an elevated p ...

  • Misamis Oriental Travel Guide

    Misamis Oriental Travel Guide

    Misamis Oriental is one of the 5 provinces of Region X, otherwise known as Northern Mindanao with Cagayan de Oro both serving as the capital of the province as well as the regional capital. Misamis got its name from the word "misa", a Spanish term for the Eucharistic Mass. It was said that during the early days of Christianity in the Philippines, the word "misa" was shouted by converts every time priests traveled around the province. Over time, the Spanish missionaries started called the province as Misamis. As there are two Misamis provinces, the other one is Misamis Occidental (Western Misam ...