Agutayan Island Marine Sanctuary

Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Agutayan Island is a marine sanctuary near the coast of Jasaan. It is accessible through a number of ways, but the quickest and the easiest access is through Liyang Beach, a few meters away from Jasaan proper. Like Camiguin White Island, Agutayan is devoid of trees or plants, and only a cottage for the sanctuary outpost stands on its side.

Agutayan Island has 5000 sq meters of fine ...

white sand sitting on a 3 hectare marine sanctuary that serves as breeding ground of giant clams locally called as Taclobo and other marine animals/species. With its shallow- clear water and amazing marine life, the spot is a perfect place for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Agutayan Island and Marine Sanctuary News

  • Agutayan White Island Of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

    Agutayan White Island Of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

    Agutayan White Island is among the 7,641 islands in the Philippine archipelago. A beautiful sandbar that is similar to Camiguin's white Island but the sand is not as fine and white. This is a quick destination I can recommend if you live nearby Cagayan de Oro City which is almost an hour travel. The white island is arguably one of the best places I have ever visited in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental aside from Sagpulon Falls.

  • Sport Fishing Philippines, Shark Encounter

    Sport Fishing: Philippines.

    Jigging trip in Agutayan Island Misamis Oriental. We accidentally caught one of the most beautiful marine creature and also the most endangered. Caught on a 300 gram jig, the endangered Thresher Shark was released immediately after removing the hooks from the upper portion of its mouth.

    This was the first time we saw a Thresher Shark caught by its mouth and not by its tail.

  • Explore Agutayan Island

    The sand beaches of Agutayan Island in Misamis Oriental.

  • Jasaan Misamis Oriental Developing Top Tourism Sites

    Jasaan Misamis Oriental Developing Top Tourism Sites

    Four tourist spots in this municipality are being developed to attract visitors and generate income and livelihood opportunities for the town and the province.

    Agutayan White Island, the Philippine Sailfin Lizard Park, Sagpulon Falls and the Agutayan jump-off point in barangay Jampason are being integrated into a tour package in line with the tourism priority program formulated by Gov. Yevgeny Vincente Emano and Mayor Gregorio Jonathan Po.

    The tourist spots are either owned and operated by the LGU or by the provincial government of Misamis Oriental.

    Expected to be set in action by Ja ...

  • A Quick Guide To Agutayan Island And Sapulon Falls Daytour

    A Quick Guide To Agutayan Island And Sapulon Falls Daytour

    The coastal town of Jasaan in Misamis Oriental is simply gifted with natural wonders. Though not widely popular, these spots will surely amaze visitors. Agutayan Island adorn the coast of the silent town. In its highland, Sagpulon Falls grace the rocky wall and provides a pool for cooling down. These destinations are perfect for weekend getaway. And both can be visited in a day.


    Off the coast of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, this naked island or sandbar is reached in 30-45 minutes. This crescent shaped white island is uninhabited. The half hectare sandbar is surrounded by 3 h ...

  • To Protect Environment SPI Partners With LGUs

    To Protect Environment SPI Partners With LGUs

    If there is one another thing that STEAG State Power, Inc. (SPI) would like to be known for, aside from "Empowering Mindanao," it is this: putting premium on partnerships to protect the fragile environment of its host communities.

    SPI has undertaken various programs and projects with both private and public sectors to protect the environment in an effort to ensure the sustainable future of these communities.

    And it is not surprising that environmental protection is at the top of its agenda, aside of course from delivering efficient, reliable, and safe power to the Mindanao Grid because " ...