Mount Malindang

Don Victoriano Chiongbian, Misamis Occidental

Mount Malindang is a complex volcano located in the province of Misamis Occidental in the southern island of Mindanao, Philippines. The least studied mountain range was formed through several volcanic activities some of which could be historical, evident by the presence of two calderas, surrounded by high rock walls, cinder cones, dome volcano plugs, two sulfurous hot springs, and a crater lake na ...

med Lake Duminagat.

Mount Malindang News

  • The Best Part Of Conquering Mt Malindang

    The Best Part Of Conquering Mt Malindang

    The Simple Life

    The icy wind easily pierced through the four layers of clothing I had on. After hours of perilous bike ride, a couple of it spent walking in the dark under a heavy downpour, and a night spent is a good Samaritan's home, I heaved a sigh of relief, finally arrived at my destination in one piece.

    Home for me for the next couple of days is a small wooden home perched in the midst of a clearing a few steps away from the crater lake. I was welcomed by the loud orchestra of cicadas singing as if the whole area is transformed into an open theater. Did you know that a single cicad ...

  • A Snapshot Of Mt Malindangs Ecosystems Form Shore To Top

    A Snapshot Of Mt Malindangs Ecosystems Form Shore To Top

    A Sunday Stroll through the Philippine's latest ASEAN Heritage Park

    Plummeting down a 500 meter deep valley on your Sunday trip is perhaps not the most tempting outlook for most readers. But once you become finally conscious about the fact that you are safely strapped to a reassuringly strong steel cable, spanning the whooping 1.5 km between two mountain ridges, you might actually enjoy this unique zipline experience in Misamis Occidental, Mindanao. As soon as the adrenaline rush settles down a little, it is worthwhile taking a glance around: The mountain Barangay Hoyohoy, behind you, Baran ...

  • The Subanen Celebrate Nature And Life On Mt Malindang

    The Subanen Celebrate Nature And Life On Mt Malindang

    To the Subanen, Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park, which spans the provinces of Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao, is home. Long considered the first caretakers of this mountain environment, the Subanen expressed pride in their ancestral domain and in its declaration as an ASEAN Heritage Park.

    The Subanen (read as Suban-ons) are the indigenous peoples of the mountainous areas of the Zamboanga Peninsula, Mindanao, Philippines. They are divided into five sub-groups: Central Subanen, Northern Subanen, Koligugan Subanon, Western Subanon and Southern Suban ...

  • Rainforestation Project In The Mt Malindang Range Natural Park Socioeconomic Effects a Year Hence

    Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park is a protected area in Misamis Occidental, Philippines. It was the site for a biodiversity research programme (BRP) by Filipino and Dutch natural and social scientists in 1999-2005. As a spin-off of the BRP the Park is now the beneficiary of a massive rainforestation project being implemented by Trees for Travel Foundation and DENR-PAMB with the participation of the local government units and the Park residents.

    A socioeconomic monitoring of the rainforestation project is being done to assess how the project improves the well-being of residents ??" mostly Su ...

  • Malindang Wakes Up To Smell The Coffee

    Together with our Subanen brothers and sisters, we have always recognized the importance of protecting Mt. Malindang, a remote mountain range in Northern Mindanao, where an intrepid local executive has started the spade work for a revolutionary approach to empowerment of its indigenous peoples through organic farming.

    Mayor Rudy Luna of Don Victoriano, concurrently president of the Misamis Occidental Mayor's League, has vowed his full commitment to proactively engage the guidance of industry leaders and technical experts in planting coffee, cacao, and all other suitable high-value cash crop ...

  • Subanen Tribes Endangered

    Subanen Tribes Endangered

    In its August 2004 issue, Bulatlat published Mars Marata's article entitled "What Future Will We Give Our Children: Subanen Tribes Endangered." We take liberty to repost it here to support the Subanen people's desire to declare the entire Mount Malindang Range as their ancestral domain.

    When the government declared Mt. Malindang in Misamis Occidental, Western Mindanao, as a protected area, it deprived the Subanen people of their ancestral domain.

    Timuay Saminoy Luminding of Lake Duminagat said, "Our parcels of land inside the Park are now buried with more than 500 concrete markers, proh ...