Bukagan Hill Bell Tower

Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental

Bukagan Hill and Bell Tower is located in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental. Bukagan Hill towers 92 meters above sea level and is located at Barangay Malaubang, the hills is approachable by spiral road to the top where one can view the entire city, Panguil Bay and Lanao del Norte. Atop the hill perches a concrete bell tower with four large bells.

Bukagan Hill and Bell Tower News

  • Revisiting the Bell Tower of Bukagan Hill

    Revisiting the Bell Tower of Bukagan Hill

    I was so excited on the day we'll be going to Malaubang! It was my first time to go to a distant place with only my classmates as my company. It was really an adventure since Susie only left us a sketch of her house. Meaning, we have to go to a place unknown by ourselves and I was so thrilled by the idea of getting lost!

    Bukagan Hill?! I've heard of it already! I haven't been there and I definitely wanna go there! At that instant, I asked Susie to get us there! But she insisted 'coz it is dangerous for only kids to go.

    However as I look back now, I don't have any regret of getting ...

  • Cotta Fort and Bukagan Hill

    Cotta Fort and Bukagan Hill

    Ozamiz in Misamis Occidental, Philippines is a small city of just over a hundred thousand residents. It was previously known as "Misamis", which had been an old Spanish town in the early 1800s.

    It was established because of the Spanish garrison, the Nuestra Senore dela Concepcion del Triunfo stone fort, which had been constructed to protect the land from the pirates of Lanao.

    This is a two-part guest post from Ace Diloy, an opportunity travel photographer, who went around Ozamiz in one day.

    My name is Ace, and I'm a guest blogger (the first one!) here is Solitary Wanderer. I'm actuall ...

  • Misamis Occidental

    Misamis Occidental

    Misamis Occidental is located on the mainland proper of Western Mindanao and forms the eastern side of Zamboanga terrene. Surrounded by the waters of Mindanao Sea on the north, Iligan Bay on the east and Panguil Bay on the south. The provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur occupies the west.

    The province of Misamis was originally inhabited by Subanons whose an easy target by the sea pirates from Lanao. Misamis is taken from the early settlement of the Spaniards at the entrance to the Panguil Bay. The name evolved from the word kuyamis, a term for sweet variety of coconut. ...

  • Ozamiz City Old Spanish Fortress Cotta Triunfo and Virgin of the Cotta

    Ozamiz City Old Spanish Fortress Cotta Triunfo and Virgin of the Cotta

    The most visited tourist spot in Ozamiz City, a city strategically located at the mouth of Panguil Bay, and the larger Iligan Bay in Northern Mindanao, is an old Spanish Fort named Fuerte del la Concepcion y del Triunfo, more commonly known as Fort Triunfo.

    The main gate of Fort Triunfo, sometimes referred as Fort Santiago, quite confusing since Fort Santiago is mostly identified with Intramuros in Manila.

    The National Historical Institute (NHI) Marker states:

    Fuerte del la Concepcion y del Triunfo

    Made of coral stone, rectangular-shaped with four bulwarks: San Fernando, San Jose, ...

  • Ozamiz resurrects historic fortress

    To make the celebration of the 250th year of Catholicism in Ozamiz City in Misamis Occidental more memorable, local officials have completed, in time for the event, the restoration of the historic Fuerte de la Concepcion del Triunfo and the beautification of the Birhen sa Cotta Shrine.

    "Our legacy to Ozamiznons and a dream come true for the devotees and pilgrims in northwestern Mindanao and elsewhere," Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog called the projects. "What the past administrations failed to do, we succeeded in doing now for the glory of the Birhen."

    Yesterday, as part of the month long cele ...