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  • Animasola Island Burias

    Animasola Island Burias

    Animasola Island is part of the Burias group of islands which is located in Masbate of the Bicol Region. It is considered among the most popular islands in Burias and was named as "Animasola" which means "lonely soul" in Latin which pertains to those souls that are in Purgatory, but for the tourists who visited the place it's all amazement for the wondrous work of art that nature has to offer.

  • Island Hopping In Burias The Sombrero Island

    Island Hopping In Burias The Sombrero Island

    It was another long ride going back from Tinalisayan to Sombrero Island which served as our camp site. It was truly a tiring yet rewarding island hopping adventure. We managed to visit four islands in a day and I think we had enough for our first day. I didn't take much photos in Sombrero Island as it starting to get dark and we had to prepare for our camp too. We availed one of the Sombrero Island cottages and we set up tents nearby. It is very interesting to note that some of the tents have outlets where you can charge your phone or you can also charge the phone in one of the stores in Sombr ...

  • Island Hopping In Burias Tinalisayan Island And Sandbar

    Island Hopping In Burias Tinalisayan Island And Sandbar

    The Island of Animasola is truly a sight to behold (Check : Animasola Island) but Tinalisayan is another beauty to marvel! Almost an hour away from the island of Animasola comes another island which goes by the name of Tinalisayan. It doesn't have those stratified rock formation that we saw from Animasola or those naturally shaped caves of Snake Island (Check : Islang Dapa/ Snake Island) but Tinalisayan is special on its own right. It has something that no other islands has to offer that makes it another gem of Burias! Tinalisayan is well known for its stunning sand bar!

    Powdery white sand ...

  • Island Hopping In Burias Animasola Island

    Island Hopping In Burias Animasola Island

    After passing by the Iniwaran Island (Check : A Glimpse of Iniwaran Island / Templo Island) and after few more minutes of clashing against waves, we finally reached our next destination. If we are going to list the islands in Burias, Masbate based on their popularity, this one is absolutely a top charter! The island of Animasola is one of the most visited islands in Burias not because of the sand nor the crystal clear water but because of their unique and impressive rock formations that are absolutely picture-worthy!

    Here's a shot few meters away from the Animasola Island. You can see that ...

  • Island Hopping In Burias The Islang Dapa Or Snake Island

    Island Hopping In Burias The Islang Dapa Or Snake Island

    We left Manila around 10 in the evening and it took us almost eight hours to reach San Andres, Quezon. Unlike what we have seen in Paracale Bay going to Calaguas, we were taken into a seemingly unspoiled beach resort in San Andres. There were few open air cottages in the resort and we spotted no other restaurants or hotels nearby. Burias Group of Islands are just starting to get attention from travelers which explains why there are no businesses yet who take advantage of the place's popularity (and I hope it will stay that way).

    While waiting for the boat that will pick us up from San Andre ...

  • Tinalisayan Sombrero And Animasola Islands In Burias San Pascual Masbate

    A Breathtaking Sandbar Tinalisayan, Sombrero, Animasola Islands, Atlaza Resort Burias, San Pascual Masbate | DJI Mavic Pro.