Rodeo Festival

Masbate City, Masbate

Rodeo Festival is an annual event which takes place in Masbate City which showcases skills in livestock handling, such as lassoing, wrestling, and riding cattle. Also included in the event are a fair and exhibitions and trade of cattle and horses. The event has taken place every summer since 1993 in the province of Masbate, held every 12th to 17th of April,which is traditionally considered the "Ca ...

ttle Country of the Philippines."

Rodeo Festival News

  • Travel Guide Masbate City

    Travel Guide Masbate City

    Masbate City, the capital of the province of the same name, is known as "The Rodeo Capital of the Philippines." Mention Masbate and images of cowboys, rolling hills and the laid-back haciendero type ranch life come to mind. Largely agricultural, main activities here revolve around industries such as large farming, livestock and poultry raising.

  • Masbate Celebrates Rodeo Festival 2018

    Masbate Celebrates Rodeo Festival 2018

    The streets of Masbate City resembled a scene from a "Wild Wild West" movie with parade participants and spectators alike dressed in checkered long sleeved shirts, jeans, boots and Western-style cowboy hats.

    Visitors from all over the country flocked to the Provincial Capitol of Masbate to witness the grand opening of the Rodeo Masbateno 2018.

    Now on its 25th year, Rodeo Masbateno is one of the most unique festivals in the country, with locals portraying the local cowboy culture and highlighting the best of Masbate?o culture.

    Home to vast cattle ranches, the province of Masbate situat ...

  • Masbate Tourist Arrivals Up

    Masbate Tourist Arrivals Up

    The annual Rodeo Masbateno Festival in Masbate City continued to attract local and foreign visitors, an official of the Department of Tourism (DOT) reported yesterday.

    Benjamin Santiago, DOT-Bicol director, said hotels and transient houses are fully booked for the four-day festival, which started on Monday.

    Activities include lassoing, carambola, casting down, bronco and bull-riding competition.

    Santiago said a 50 percent increase in the number of visitors could be attributed to the impending closure of Boracay.

    "We see new faces here... Maybe they will have side trips after watch ...

  • Masbate Rodeo Festival 2018 Kicks Off With Street Dancing Showdown

    Masbate Rodeo Festival 2018 Kicks Off With Street Dancing Showdown

    Thousands of spectators from different provinces in Bicol flocked here at the provincial capitol of Masbate to witness the grand opening of Rodeo Festival 2018 on its 25th year of celebration Monday.

    Dressed in colorful costumes made of native materials, students from various academic institutions in Masbate showcased their talents in the Festival of Festivals, a street dancing competition in which contestants interpret the story of their own towns or citys festival and culture.

    The street dancing started at 2 p.m. in the main thoroughfares of this city.

    Among the competing contigents ...

  • Italian Captures The Grandeur Of Masbates Rodeo Festival On Film

    Italian Captures The Grandeur Of Masbates Rodeo Festival On Film

    A couple of months ago, an amazing video started making its rounds on the Internet for all the right reasons. It was uploaded by WOWTAPES, "a collective of video wayfarer heroes. We wander over the earth to bring wonder back to the earth." And what made them wow? The Philippines!

    It was the product of a two-month backpacking trip of Fabio Reitano and his friends Giuseppe Lombardi, Filippo Golin, and Gianluca Agostini in our tropical island last 2015. After witnessing the most breahtaking sunset in Coron, Palawan, they ended up extending their stay for another month and exploring the rest o ...

  • Rodeo Masbateno 2016

    Rodeo Masbateno 2016

    The Rodeo atmosphere was evident the moment the captain announced that we have safely anchored at the port of Masbate City. It was 9 in the evening, finally setting foot on dry land after a four hour trip from Pilar, Sorsogon, mainland Luzon. People were in a hurry because they did not want to miss the pageant that night at the provincial capitol. As for me, I was in a hurry because I was hungry, tired and will still look for a place to rest my body. I was unprepared for this trip, decided and packed hastily only hours before. But I was standing on the land of cowboys and cowgirls, and that kn ...