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  • Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary Masbate

    Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary is situated in Masbate City. This 250-hectare marine sanctuary was established in 2001. It is located in the middle of seawaters of two barangays ??" Nursery and Tugbo. Actually, this marine sanctuary ranked second in the "Most Resilient Marine Sanctuaries in Central Philippines".

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  • Masbates MPA Now A Tourist Magnet

    Masbates MPA Now A Tourist Magnet

    Established in 2002, the Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary, a local marine-protected area (MPA) in Masbate City, province of Masbate, is now considered a certified "tourist magnet" and one of the top ecotourism destinations in the Bicol region.

    Once in the brink of extinction because of rampant illegal and destructive fishing, reef fishes and other marine wildlife now thrive in this 250-hectare marine sanctuary.

    Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary's success story proves true the saying "you reap what you sow" for members of the Samahan ng Mangingisda ng Puro-Sinalikway (Samapusi).

    Today Samapusi ...

  • Explore Masbate Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary

    Explore Masbate Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary

    On my flight to Masbate City, this sandbar immediately caught my attention. Little did I know that this will be my destination on my first day in the province of Masbate. Welcome to Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary, the place where the sandbar and clear waters meet the mangrove haven.



    To start this trip, I recommend for you to read first my complete Explore Masbate: A 3D2N Backpacking Challenge journal so you'll have an idea of my full itinerary.

    After unpacking my stuff at Balai Valencia where I'll be staying for the night, I hailed a tricycl ...

  • Trip To Masbate Island

    Trip To Masbate Island

    Geographically situated at the heart of the country, the province of Masbate has been known for its cattle ranches and exceptional cowboys. But apart from being the "Cattle Capital of the Philippines," and subsequently, "Home of Philippine Rodeo," the province is more than just a cowboyland. From untapped ecological sites to unique activities, exhausted city dwellers will certainly be rewarded by its redeeming features.

    Situated at the crossroads of Luzon and Visayas, the province of Masbate consists of three major islands: Masbate, Ticao, and Burias. Each island has its own charm that will ...

  • Italian Captures The Grandeur Of Masbates Rodeo Festival On Film

    Italian Captures The Grandeur Of Masbates Rodeo Festival On Film

    A couple of months ago, an amazing video started making its rounds on the Internet for all the right reasons. It was uploaded by WOWTAPES, "a collective of video wayfarer heroes. We wander over the earth to bring wonder back to the earth." And what made them wow? The Philippines!

    It was the product of a two-month backpacking trip of Fabio Reitano and his friends Giuseppe Lombardi, Filippo Golin, and Gianluca Agostini in our tropical island last 2015. After witnessing the most breahtaking sunset in Coron, Palawan, they ended up extending their stay for another month and exploring the rest o ...

  • A Bulls Eye In Masbate

    As our Asian Spirit plane gracefully descended down the wind-swept islands of Masbate, pasture lands as far as the eye could see, where cattle grazed and barns with red and green roofs out of a Grandma Moses painting, beckoned. John Wayne westerns served as a theme in this land as true to life cowboys and cowgirls, clad in rawhide leather hats, vests and boots, showcased their talents in cattle-raising and a variety of rodeo events, as well as tourism and investment potentials.

    The 11th Rodeo Masbateño Festival proved to be a smashing success. This years theme was "Peace and Unity for Prog ...