Dapa Island

San Pascual, Masbate

Dapa Island is located in San Pascual, Masbate. The island is small surrounded by rock formations. It is like human-made and perfectly shaped like an ancient sculpture with big pillars.

Dapa Island News

  • Exploring Burias Group Of Islands

    Let's Explore the Burias Group of Islands in Masbate!

    More at my blog : https://goo.gl/Cq82Bk

  • Island Hopping In Burias The Islang Dapa Or Snake Island

    Island Hopping In Burias The Islang Dapa Or Snake Island

    We left Manila around 10 in the evening and it took us almost eight hours to reach San Andres, Quezon. Unlike what we have seen in Paracale Bay going to Calaguas, we were taken into a seemingly unspoiled beach resort in San Andres. There were few open air cottages in the resort and we spotted no other restaurants or hotels nearby. Burias Group of Islands are just starting to get attention from travelers which explains why there are no businesses yet who take advantage of the place's popularity (and I hope it will stay that way).

    While waiting for the boat that will pick us up from San Andre ...

  • Island Hopping In Burias Prologue

    Island Hopping In Burias Prologue

    Just few weeks after my Calaguas Island Adventure, there's something inside me that craves for another adventure. I was able to conquer my fear of sea travel so why not go for another island hopping adventure right? Luckily, I saw another package tour hosted by Paloy Traveler (the same tour agency that hosted my Baler and Calaguas escapades). It was their first event in Burias so our tour was more like an ocular visit and that makes our journey more exciting because we really don't know what to expect. This time, we are no longer dealing with an island or two but we will hop from one island to ...

  • Burias Island Your Summer Destination In Masbate

    Burias Island Your Summer Destination In Masbate

    I want to share with you one of my best summer experience so far!

    Though it was a rough and unpleasant land travel because our tour operator sucked, the beauty of the place was enough to take all our disappointment.

    I am talking about Burias Island in Masbate. This is getting a lot of traction now in social media, but at that time, we went there when it wasn't that popular yet. Just to give you a piece of advice, Burias Island is so beautiful that it will be too popular one day that you need to visit it now.

    Well, you don't need to worry. This post will give you a glimpse of what to e ...

  • Biyahe Ni Jai Sa Burias

    Every place is majestic, breathtaking and serene. People are kind, accommodating and honest. No time during our stay that I felt I was taken advantage as a traveler. Life here is just simple. No fast food, no mall. And it's admiring how they seem to enjoy, be contented, and be at peace in this kind of lifestyle.

    - Sombrero Island
    - Dapa Island
    - Tinalisayan Island
    - Animasola Island

  • Burias Group Of Island And Alibijaban

    Burias Group Of Island And Alibijaban

    It was a night of friday-the-thirteenth. contrary to the superstition of its bad luck, nothing could ever hinder my mini vacay as I look forward to my 1st beach outing this summer after my second sem. I am so excited to see this Burias group of islands and Alibijaban. Lately, I had been seeing a lot of reviews saying it is nice so I immediately signed up for this assembled tour by Miss Rich in DIY.

    I was so decided to see it for myself so I dragged Taro as my buddy.(It was his 1st time to camp out this far and with me.)

    There are different islands you can see during the boat ride. But ...