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  • Island Hopping In Burias Castillo Island

    Island Hopping In Burias Castillo Island

    I guess it is safe for me to say that we indeed saved the best for last! After spending enough time in Verga Island, our bangkero finally took us to another unspoiled paradise. They told us that the place was rarely visited by the tourists which made us even more excited. They called it as Castillo island and after we arrived, we were welcomed by its pristine water with clear sandy-bottom shore. It was truly a paradise and possibly the best destination we had in our entire Burias escapade.

  • Island Hopping In Burias The Verga Island

    Island Hopping In Burias The Verga Island

    After our lunch, it was time for us to pack up our things and leave the island of Sombrero. Based on our original itinerary, we were supposed to visit the Alibijaban island in Quezon but we had a sudden change of plans. Our "bangkero" gave us a much interesting offer that we simply can't resist. He promised to take us to two more islands in Burias and one of which is rarely visited by travelers. We were all intrigued by this island called "Castillo" but before heading to this unspoiled paradise, we were taken to another island which is equally stunning ~ The Verga Island.

  • Burias Island Hopping

    Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate.

  • Travel Guide Burias Island Masbate Province

    Travel Guide Burias Island Masbate Province

    Burias is a large island located in Masbate Province, Bicol Region. The island is comprised of two municipalities: Claveria and San Jacinto. The town of Claveria is located at the south end of the island and San Jacinto at the north end of the island. There is a road network in the island but most of it are unpaved and only motorcycle will be able to navigate the rough roads. There is electricity in the island, however, most of the time the electricity only last for 12 hours or less every day. Each town has its own diesel-powered generator that supplies electricity to some barangays.

    Buria ...

  • Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Burias Island Itinerary And Budget

    Burias Island, one of the three main islands located on the upper coast of the province of Masbate, offers white sand beaches that travelers can explore..

    The quiant town of San Pascual is the jump off point for the island hopping tours to three other islands within Burias: Sombrero, Tinalisayan, and Animasola.


    DAY 0

    10:00 pm ETD Manila (from Cubao)

    DAY 1

    6:00 am ETA Naga Terminal. Upon arriving proceed to Pasacao terminal

    6:45 am ETA Pasacao Terminal. Go straight to Pasacao Port

    7:00 am From Pasacao Port, ride a passenger boat heading to th ...

  • How To Get To Burias Island Masbates Hidden Beach

    How To Get To Burias Island Masbates Hidden Beach

    Of the more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, undiscovered gems lie and wait. By all means, Burias Island isn't "undiscovered" as a few tourists have already written and spread word about the charm and beauty of the island. What it is though is what Boracay and other commercialized beaches were back in the day ??" quiet and unspoilt.

    There are three nearby islands that are worth the trip.

    • Tinalisayan Islet and Sandbar ??" ideal for nature lovers who want to warch migratory birds frolic in the sandbar. Water sports enthusiasts will love the waters here to. Lovers of kayaking and ...