Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary

Gasan, Marinduque

The Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary is located in the southwest of the island province of Marinduque and consists of three small islands with the names of "Heilgigen Three Kings". Diving and snorkeling in the best conditions one will find in the reserve.

Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary News

  • Marinduque Summer Of 2016

    Marinduque Island Hopping - Summer of 2016. Video mix from Tres Reyes Islands-Gasan and Maligaya beach-Boac, Marinduque.

  • Heading South

    Heading South

    February 23, 2016: Today we planned a relatively leisurely 42 nautical mile cruise south to Banton Island and the weather was totally cooperative. We made our departure from the inner basin in Port Balanacan at 0630. The sea was glassy calm and flat, and there were many little fishing bancas out as we made our was along the western coast of Marinduque Island. Ideal cruising weather. Even Nukaat was unperturbed.

    Just before we reached the Tres Reyes Islands (three kings), reportedly good for diving, we were approached by a fisherman in a small banca who asked us for a bit of food. I guess it ...

  • Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque ??" the heart of the Philippines has such an irresistible raw appeal that beckons adventurers and nature lovers. It beats through agricultural lands, towering mountains, verdant jungles and pristine islands and beaches. Marinduque is part of MIMAROPA region in Luzon and best known for its grandiose celebration of the Moriones Festival during the Holy Week. Despite its erratic ferry schedule, this is a destination that will find hard to leave!

    How to get to Marinduque from Manila


    Route 1

    Manila to Marinduque

    Jac Liner has daily trips to Marinduque fro ...

  • Exploring Marinduque Part 2

    Exploring the clear water and white pebbles of one of the island of Tres Reyes, GASPAR ISLAND located in the Barangay Pinggan Gasan Marinduque Philippines.

  • Marinduque Day 3

    Marinduque Day 3

    After visiting 3 major tourist spots in just one day in Marinduque (Paadjao Falls, Bathala Caves, and Maniwaya Island), I asked myself if Marinduque has more to offer. Well, I know for a fact that Bellarocca is in Marinduque. But I was in a tight budget that day, I could not afford staying in a world-class resort. I have to find a good alternative!

    Good thing Marinet, my FEU student, told me that we have to indulge in an island hopping escapade in Tres Reyes Islands or Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary.

    How to Get There

    Board the bus to Lucena (Dalahican). The terminals can either be found ...

  • The Epic Journey To Tres Reyes Islands In Marinduque Philippines

    The Epic Journey To Tres Reyes Islands In Marinduque Philippines

    The hidden gem of traveling to Marinduque is really not the Moriones Festival, it's the untouched beauty of the islands. How many do you know have traveled to Marinduque Maybe one Maybe two My friends haven't gone anywhere near this province. It's relatively unheard of except the popular advertisements of "Bellaroca". Even though known as the smallest island province of Southern Philippines, it boasts of the richest marine life and blind white sandy beaches.

    From Katala Beach Resort, i hired a boat together with the people i was traveling with to get to the Majestic Tres Reyes islands. The ...