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Poctoy White Beach is a must see when you visit Torrijos, Marinduque. Its approximately 1 kilometer stretch of white-sand beach offers visitors a unique beach experience.

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  • Travel Guide Marinduque

    Travel Guide Marinduque

    Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines best known for being the home of the Moriones Festival, one of the oldest religious festivals in the country celebrated during Holy Week. Everywhere you go in the province, you can spot references to the icons of the Moriones, men and women in costumes and masks wearing garb of biblical Roman soldiers.

  • Poctoy White Beach Torrijos Perfectly Perfect Pa Rin

    Poctoy White Beach Torrijos Perfectly Perfect Pa Rin

    It's more than a kilometer stretch of powdery white sand and has become the most popular in mainland Marinduque - the Poctoy White Beach. More resorts and small buildings are on the rise now closer to the beach. This is one place where thousands have come and gone to also enjoy the view of Mt. Malindig rising from the waters.

    Malindig is one volcano with seemingly ever-present bright-white clouds that collect over its peak. You wonder if something's being exhaled by the volcano all the time. All the time.

    But soon you forget about it for you've come to enjoy the beach and amenities aroun ...

  • Marinduque Poctoy White Beach

    Marinduque Poctoy White Beach

    Marinduque is dubbed as the Heart of the Philippines. Situated between Tayabas Bay to the North and Sibuyan Sea to the South this province with a shape of a heart is also a religious center in the Philippines. In this province, they celebrate the Moriones Festival during Holy Week to commemorate the suffering of Jesus Christ.

    But Marinduque is not just know for that. Marinduque is home to many beaches that is totally world class and far relaxing than those within 4 hours away from Manila. One of them is Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos Town, and an hour away from Sta. Cruz.

    Poctoy Beach ha ...

  • Poctoy White Beach The Pride Of Torrijos

    Poctoy White Beach The Pride Of Torrijos

    Approximately 1 kilometer white sand beach with many coconut trees in the area that gives a gentle brush in the skin every time the wind blows.The sunlight brightens the calm and salty deep blue sea. The small waves were lazily moving up and down the shoreline.The beautiful sand castles close to the shoreline were being wash-away every time the waves strike. The sounds it produce send invitation "come and enjoy" to the people in and around the area.

    The people were relaxing and enjoying the majestic view of the Marinduque's highest peak, the Mt. Malindig. It makes the beach even more awesom ...

  • Exploring The Heart Of The Philippines Marinduque

    Exploring The Heart Of The Philippines Marinduque

    When there is time and a budget, I am always on a hunt for new places to explore. In my previous article about the different places I want to visit in the Philippines, I included Marinduque. Good thing I saw an event posted by GalaPh that they were planning to do a Marinduque adventure. I immediately signed up for the event and prepared myself for a great escape! Instead of planning the itinerary, GalaPH already organized van transportation from Manila to Dalahican Port in Lucena Quezon. Basically, the tour group organized everything for the entire trip to Marinduque and that was very convenie ...

  • Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque ??" the heart of the Philippines has such an irresistible raw appeal that beckons adventurers and nature lovers. It beats through agricultural lands, towering mountains, verdant jungles and pristine islands and beaches. Marinduque is part of MIMAROPA region in Luzon and best known for its grandiose celebration of the Moriones Festival during the Holy Week. Despite its erratic ferry schedule, this is a destination that will find hard to leave!

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    Manila to Marinduque

    Jac Liner has daily trips to Marinduque fro ...