Paadjao Falls

Mogpog, Marinduque

Paadjao Falls are located in Bocboc, Mogpog, Marinduque. They are a series of gently cascading falls that settles into a 15-foot fall. Hunt for nature- formed bathtubs downstream and enjoy Jacuzzi-like effect. It is an ideal place for picnicking or camping. Paadjao Falls is an ideal place for family picnics and camping.

Paadjao Falls News

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  • A trip to Paadjao falls

    A trip to Paadjao falls

    The past week has seen heavy rains on the island which has meant that any trekking in the nearby hills has been out of the question. I therefore decided that we would once again take advantage of the excess water and make a long overdue trip to PaadjaoFalls.

    The original plan had been to go to Paadjao falls yesterday, but heavy rain (33mm) put paid to that idea. This morning the weather forecast was still very unfavorable, but using my local knowledge of the island I reckoned there would be a good chance that the northern side of the island would be sheltered from the SW winds and would pro ...

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    Waterfalls of Marinduque! Just the Perfect Creations

    The quiet province of Marinduque is blessed with magnificent waterfalls surrounded by foliage of forest and cool shade of trees. It is one of the reasons why many tourists love the place. Aside from the breathtaking view of the falls, trekking to the falls offers you a pleasurable experience and a trip back to nature.

    Here are the systems of waterfalls that Marinduque is proud of:

    • Norada Falls is located at Sitio Paadyao, Barangay Bokbok, Mogpog, Marinduque. It is a series of gently cascading falls culminating in a 10-foot deep pool of crystal clear water - an ideal place for picnick ...

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    The Best of Marinduque

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