Marinduque Island

Boac, Marinduque

Marinduque is considered as the geographical center of the Philippine archipelago by the Luzon Datum of 1911, the mother of all Philippine geodetic surveys. The province is a "heart-shaped" island with a total land area of 95,258 hectares.

The highest peak in Marinduque is Mount Malindig, formerly called Mt. Marlanga, a potentially active stratovolcano with an elevation of 1,157 met ...

res above sea level, located at the southern tip of the island. Various cave systems occupy the province, which include the grand Bathala Cave; the newly discovered San Isidro Cave with its complex subterranean river; and Talao Caves with its 12 series of caves overlooking the western part of the island.

The Marcopper Mining Disaster occurred on March 24, 1996 on the Philippine island of Marinduque, a province of the Philippines located in the Mimaropa region in Luzon. It remains one of the largest mining disasters in Philippine history.

Marinduque Island News

  • Marinduque Summer Of 2016

    Marinduque Island Hopping - Summer of 2016. Video mix from Tres Reyes Islands-Gasan and Maligaya beach-Boac, Marinduque.

  • Next Stop Marinduque Island

    Next Stop Marinduque Island

    February 19-21, 2016: It was finally time for us to head out and explore some more of the Philippines. Lying about 55 nautical miles east of Puerto Galera is a sheltered basin at the northwest tip of Marinduque Island. We first read about it on a sailing blog. It sounded promising.

    It had rained overnight (no surprise given the weather we've been having in Puerto Galera), so MOKEN was freshly showered as we pulled up the anchor at first light and made our way out Manila Channel and into Verde Passage. This stretch of water between Luzon Island and Mindoro Island, bisected by Verde Island, i ...

  • Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque Travel Guide How To Get There Itinerary

    Marinduque ??" the heart of the Philippines has such an irresistible raw appeal that beckons adventurers and nature lovers. It beats through agricultural lands, towering mountains, verdant jungles and pristine islands and beaches. Marinduque is part of MIMAROPA region in Luzon and best known for its grandiose celebration of the Moriones Festival during the Holy Week. Despite its erratic ferry schedule, this is a destination that will find hard to leave!

    How to get to Marinduque from Manila


    Route 1

    Manila to Marinduque

    Jac Liner has daily trips to Marinduque fro ...

  • Backpacking In Marinduque Philippines

    Marinduque is not highly recognized tourist destination and the 8-hour land and sea travel going to reach the place is not as easy as you think. But as they say, there will always be something worth-discovering to a place you've never been to.

    Sharing our 4-day backpacking trip in Marinduque - basking under the sun, enjoy its white sand beach of Maniwaya Island, exploring the culture-rich town of Boac and trekking up Mt. Mataas for the Luzon Datum! Enjoy!

  • Ugly scars left by miners overshadow development

    Ugly scars left by miners overshadow development

    Mining disasters often leave behind ugly scars, grim reminders of the destruction brought by mining operations that overshadow promised development in host communities, environmental activists said.

    Even mined-out areas still bear the ugly face of mineral-extraction activities many years after the operations have ceased, leaders of Kalikasan-People's Network for the Environment (Kalikasan-PNE) and Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) added, as they challenged anew the government to review mining's benefits as against the damage it causes the environment.

    According to Jaybee Garganera, national coord ...

  • Philippine Activists Call For End To Foreign Mining

    Philippine Activists Call For End To Foreign Mining

    The Philippines has suffered numerous disasters from its mining industry over the decades, creating a legacy of health problems that continue to the present day. Now there is a proposal to reopen one foreign-owned mine with a checkered history, and the backlash from activists who are trying to stop it.

    When a typhoon or heavy rain hits Marinduque island, many residents along the Mogpog River are evacuated to higher ground.

    That is because the Philippine government says an upstream dam that holds back toxic waste from an abandoned copper mine is deteriorating and could overflow or burst, ...