Kawa kawa Falls

Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Kawa kawa Falls are located in Bangcuangan, Marinduque, Philippines. Named after the pools carved by water from the rocks that resembles big kettles locally called kawa. The falls is a series of three cascades but the favorite and the biggest pool is top one.

Fed by a cascade descending some 8 meters, this is ideal for swimming measuring some 10 meters in diameter and a depth avera ...

ging 4 meters at the center.

Kawa kawa Falls News

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    Chasing Waterfalls In Alegria Itinerary Cancalanog Falls, Cambais Falls, KawaKawa Falls And Montpeller Falls

    04:00 AM ??" ETD at Cebu South Bus Terminal
    08:00 AM ??" ETA at Alegria Public Market (breakfast and buy some water or snacks)
    09:00 AM ??" ETD Cancalanog Falls Jump-off Point
    09:30 AM ??" ETA Cancalanog Falls Jump-off point (and start trekking downhill)
    09:50 AM ??" ETA Cancalanog Falls ( picture taking and swimming of course)
    11:00 AM ??" Start trekking uphill and time to go Cambais Falls
    11:30 AM ??" ETD Cambais Falls
    12:00 PM ??" ETA Cambais Falls jump off point ( start trekking to the registrations area)
    12:20 PM ??" ETA Cambais Falls Registration Area
    12:30 PM ??" ETA Cambais F ...

  • Discovering the Beauty of Kawa Kawa Falls

    Discovering the Beauty of Kawa Kawa Falls

    It's probably not as grand compared to the other hyped, more-loved, and well-established falls in the country but Marinduque's less-travelled gem called Kawa-Kawa Falls, has its fair share of those best-of-nature's-works, which I think makes it as a worthy side trip once your feet lands on the historic home of the Moriones. Situated at the remote and forested area in Bancuangan, Sta. Cruz, it would surely take a few calories to burn to reach it, noting the slightly uphill trudge of that long hard road. But fret not because all the efforts await an end that's satisfaction-guaranteed.

    The tr ...

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    CamSur fascinating attractions

    Camarines Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Formerly known as Tierra de Camarines , its name was derived from camaronchones or camarines -- Spanish for warehouse/barn which referred to the small nipa/bamboo huts used by the locals of the area. Spanish Governor General Guideo de Lavezares called Camarines Sur as Los Camarines after finding a great number of camarins or rice

    granaries all over the area.

    It is the largest among the six provinces in the region both in terms of population and land area. Its territory includes two cities: Naga City, the ...

  • Kawa Kawa Falls

    Kawa Kawa Falls

    Let us take a closer look at a paradise undiscovered by many, the KAWA-KAWA Falls. From the name itself, it is a water falls with a kawa-shaped basin (Kawa is a cooking utensil that looks like but is bigger than a typical frying pan). The falls is located in the mountainous part of Barangay Bangcuangan, Santa Cruz, Marinduque.

    This place is very close to my heart because I grew up spending almost every summer vacation here. This is where I learned my first freestyle and back strokes with the help of two tied floating coconuts that served as my life support. And whenever my high school class ...

  • Kawa Kawa Falls

    After hiking to Tumaguiti, I proceeded down to the next stop. This second falls has a small pool where one can swim. I notice this particular falls tends to be more popular among elder people, probably due to it being more accessible. Also, the water pressure and current is quite mild. However, during the rainy season I'm sure it can get quite wild and dangerous as water gushes violently.

  • Que Alegria

    Que Alegria

    Nestled in the southwestern part of Cebu is a humble town blessed with merry people, an abundant marine life and breathtaking landscapes that makes it a haven for relaxation.

    With an aggressive campaign to promote countryside tourism in the province, this town has slowly opened up its doors to adventure-lovers and for those who long for country life experience as an alternative tourist destination.

    Alegria is about 117 km. away or a four-hour drive from Cebu City. One can take a bus or V-Hire from the Cebu South Bus Terminal at any time of the day.

    Alegria has nine big barangays, four ...