Gaspar Island Sanctuary

Gasan, Marinduque

Gaspar Island and Marine Sanctuary is part of the Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary located on the southwest side of the island of Marinduque.

Gaspar Island and Marine Sanctuary News

  • Exploring Marinduque Part 2

    Exploring the clear water and white pebbles of one of the island of Tres Reyes, GASPAR ISLAND located in the Barangay Pinggan Gasan Marinduque Philippines.

  • Gaspar Island Marinduque

    Gaspar Island Hopping in Mariduque.

  • Marinduque Day 3

    Marinduque Day 3

    After visiting 3 major tourist spots in just one day in Marinduque (Paadjao Falls, Bathala Caves, and Maniwaya Island), I asked myself if Marinduque has more to offer. Well, I know for a fact that Bellarocca is in Marinduque. But I was in a tight budget that day, I could not afford staying in a world-class resort. I have to find a good alternative!

    Good thing Marinet, my FEU student, told me that we have to indulge in an island hopping escapade in Tres Reyes Islands or Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary.

    How to Get There

    Board the bus to Lucena (Dalahican). The terminals can either be found ...

  • The Epic Journey To Tres Reyes Islands In Marinduque Philippines

    The Epic Journey To Tres Reyes Islands In Marinduque Philippines

    The hidden gem of traveling to Marinduque is really not the Moriones Festival, it's the untouched beauty of the islands. How many do you know have traveled to Marinduque Maybe one Maybe two My friends haven't gone anywhere near this province. It's relatively unheard of except the popular advertisements of "Bellaroca". Even though known as the smallest island province of Southern Philippines, it boasts of the richest marine life and blind white sandy beaches.

    From Katala Beach Resort, i hired a boat together with the people i was traveling with to get to the Majestic Tres Reyes islands. The ...

  • Weekend Getaway Marvelous Marinduque

    Weekend Getaway Marvelous Marinduque

    Marinduque, an island tucked in the geographic center of the Philippines, was a fascinating discovery for me. I didn't do much research before going there so I was awestruck to see old and charming Spanish houses lined in its laid-back town and posed against a backdrop of its flawless sea and mountain views. Secured, undisturbed, untamed, raw. This island province is promising, indeed.

    After spending a beautiful weekend there, I can say that there are more than enough reasons to visit this heart-shaped island besides attending the Moriones Festival, which it is known for. There's no need to ...

  • Marinduque Tres Reyes

    Tres Reyes is a famous island destination in Marinduque which is under the jurisdiction of Gasan. It is named after the three Kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar. But among the three islands, only Gaspar has a beach. All others have steep cliffs and nothing to dock with. It is my second time here and we also spent a night in the island. There is no electricity but there are cottages (for rent). The beach is not made of sand, you will literally walk in small pieces of white corals (had difficulty walking especially whenever the corals get between my feet and slippers.

    There are comfort room ...