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  • The Environment And Our Economy

    I recently watched on social media a video that showed a whale approaching the shore and refusing to go back into the water even if the people tried to push it away. Soon they realized that it was very sick and was dying. Out of pity, they shot the whale and examined it to see what ailed it. They found around 30 plastic bags in its belly, some of them huge ones. These bags were collected and placed on exhibit to increase awareness about ocean protection.

    National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) Assistant Secretary for Regional Development Mercedita Sombilla recently emphasized the ...

  • Is There Hope For Pasig River Rehab Microorganisms Can Help

    Is There Hope For Pasig River Rehab Microorganisms Can Help

    But mud balls aren't the first line of defense. We need the river to be cleaned of solid waste,' says an advocate.

    Can we restore the Pasig River to its original state again?

    We can. And this can be done with the help of microorganisms, advocates say.

    Back in the day, the Pasig River used to be a potable source of water. Since it connects Manila Bay to Laguna de Bay, it was once an active traveling route for residents.

    But after massive industrial development, it became heavily polluted.

    The Pasig River has been considered "dead with no more aquatic life" since 1994. "Sewage and ...

  • Ten-year Old Boy Helps Save The River

    Ten-year Old Boy Helps Save The River

    Every day, Jose Faber Cabrera passes by the Pasig River and this is the story of how his advocacy to help save the river began.

    "Every day, when I am going to my Ninang's (god mother's) house, I always pass by the Ilog Pasig and see how dirty it is. I felt sad for it so I thought I could start a project. Then the idea came." Faber explained.

    Faber is 10 years old, currently in grade 5, and the Environment Officer of his class. He has been leading for the past three years. Two years ago, he visited the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation's office with a big smile on his face to turn-over ...

  • Blessings From The Taguig River

    Every July 26 the city of Taguig celebrates its annual festival on the river better known as the Sta Anang Banak Taguig River Festival. This festival is a reminder wherein their ancestors used to find their source of living by fishing. The festival starts with a kayak race held at five o'clock in the morning. Each team is composed of five members fighting for a chance of winning P10, 000 and be named as the fastest oarsman.

    The main event of the festival is a boat parade in the early afternoon. Dozens of boats are lined up with boxes of food and the figures of Sta. Ana. The mayor sitting on ...

  • Taguig CIty River Festival 1

    Sta. Anang Banak River Festival July 26, 2014.

  • Santa Anang Banak Taguig River Festival on 26th of July

    Santa Anang Banak Taguig River Festival on 26th of July

    Saint Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and is the grandmother of Jesus Christ. The feast day celebration of Saint Anne and honouring her as a saint has been a century-old tradition even in Europe during the Middle Ages. This is evident in the classic paintings and shrines that have been built in honour of St. Anne, namely: Sainte Anne d'Auray shrine in Brittany, France, and that of Sainte Anne de Beaupre in Quebec, Canada. In Jerusalem, The Church of St. Anne is believed to be the actual site of the home of St. Joachim, St. Anne and the Virgin Mary. In France, they serve lobster and shell ...