Taguig River

Taguig, Manila

The Taguig River is a tributary of the Pasig River cuts through the northern half of Taguig City, and Napindan River, also a tributary of the Pasig forms the common border of Taguig with Pasig City.

With the Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival the city of Taguig honors its patroness Sta. Ana. Every July 26, the people of Taguig celebrate the festival on the river - a reminder of ...

the old days, when their ancestors' main source of living was fishing.

Taguig River News

  • Blessings From The Taguig River

    Every July 26 the city of Taguig celebrates its annual festival on the river better known as the Sta Anang Banak Taguig River Festival. This festival is a reminder wherein their ancestors used to find their source of living by fishing. The festival starts with a kayak race held at five o'clock in the morning. Each team is composed of five members fighting for a chance of winning P10, 000 and be named as the fastest oarsman.

    The main event of the festival is a boat parade in the early afternoon. Dozens of boats are lined up with boxes of food and the figures of Sta. Ana. The mayor sitting on ...

  • Blessings From The Taguig River

    Blessings From The Taguig River

    The church bells pealed at four o'clock, resounding clamorously in the darkness of the early morning hours. The cramped quarters of Barangay Santa Ana were just starting to stir, with a few street vendors setting up their makeshift stalls along the periphery of the church grounds. Down under the Bambang Bridge, the satellite office of the Taguig city government's Lake and River Management Office was likewise rousing. Nearby, parked along the banks of the waterway, were several barges colorfully ornamented with buntings and tickertapes and all sorts of frills. Soon enough, even before the day's ...

  • Taguig City Metro Manila ProbinSyudad

    Taguig City Metro Manila ProbinSyudad

    The City of Taguig, (formerly spelled as Tagig), is a highly urbanized city located in south-eastern portion of Metro Manila in the Philippines. From a thriving fishing community along the shores of Laguna de Bay, it is now an important residential, commercial and industrial center. The recent construction of the C-5 highway and the acquisition of the Fort Bonifacio Development Area has paved the way for the cityhood of the municipality. It will also be accessed by the future C-6 Road.

    Taguig City lies on the western shore of Laguna de Bay and is bordered by Muntinlupa City to the south, Pa ...

  • Government commits ten billion pesos a year to clean up Pasig River

    Government commits ten billion pesos a year to clean up Pasig River

    The Aquino administration is committing P10 billion a year to fund efforts to clean up the Pasig River, according to the head of the body tasked to oversee the project.

    "The local and national government set aside P10 billion a year. That's why it's good because they're putting money there," Regina Paz L. Lopez, chairperson of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) told reporters on the sidelines of a forum organized by the Asian Development Bank on Tuesday.

    A cleanup of Pasig River - including all the canals leading to it - is possible in six to seven years provided the nation ...

  • The River Revisited

    The River Revisited

    With all the traffic, crowds, garbage and pollution strangling Metro Manila, it sounds like an illusion ??" or a joke ??" for Filipinos today to learn that the nation's capital was once known around the world as the "Paris of the Orient."

    Manila could've been the Venice of the East had the city development plan of a celebrated American architect become reality.

    In September 1904, U.S. Governor General William Howard Taft tapped Chicago architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham ??" of Baguio's Burnham Park fame ??" to draft a city development plan for Manila, which then had a population ...