San Sebastian Church

Manila, Manila

The Basílica Menor de San Sebastian, better known as San Sebastian Church, is a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Manila, Philippines and the seat of the Parish of San Sebastian.

Completed in 1891, San Sebastian Church is noted for its architectural features. an example of the revival of Gothic architecture in the Philippines, it is the only all-steel temple in the Philippines, and ...

as the only prefabricated steel church in the world. In 2006, San Sebastian Church was included in the Tentative List for possible designation as a World Heritage Site. It was designated as a National Historical Landmark by the Philippine government in 1973.

San Sebastian Church is under the care of The Order of the Augustinian Recollects, who also operate a college adjacent to the basilica. It is located at Plaza del Carmen, at the eastern end of Recto Avenue, in Quiapo, Manila.

San Sebastian Church News

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    Throwback Manilas San Sebastian Church

    San Sebastian Church is one of the most enthralling churches in the Philippines. It's gothic architecture makes it very noticeable from the rest of the churches in Manila. The fact that it is also the only metal church in the Philippines makes it as a inimitable architectural feat, not to mention its colorful and challenging past.

    It has been submitted to UNESCO World Heritage Site but the Philippines is still waiting for its confirmation.

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