Pasig River Light

Manila, Manila

The Pasig River Light, also know for its old name Faro Y Luces De Rio Pasig was the first light station in the Philippines when it was established in 1642. The first lighthouse tower in the country was erected in the station and first lit in 1846. It was then located on the north jetty at the mouth of Pasig River in San Nicolas, Manila, marking the entrance of the river for vessels cruising Manila ...

Bay, looking to dock on the inland Port of Manila that was then located along the banks of the Pasig River in Binondo and Intramuros.

Pasig River Light or Faro Y Luces De Rio Pasig News

  • Which Are The Famous Lighthouses In The Philippines

    Which Are The Famous Lighthouses In The Philippines

    The Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers and is composed of more than 7,100 islands. The country has the 5th longest coastline in the world with a length of 36,289 kilometers, outlining numerous islets, gulfs and bays. As an archipelago, the progress and future of the country has and will always depend on maritime travel, where huge domestic and international ships sail its waters. This means that lighthouses are abundant here for the safety of these ships, and these structures include those that are visited by tourists for their history and notable features. So, whic ...

  • Faro Y Luces De Rio Pasig Muelle De La Industria Manila

    Faro Y Luces De Rio Pasig Muelle De La Industria Manila

    Finding this lighthouse was never that easy. It is located inside Philippine Coast Guard Headquarters along the mouth of the Pasig River. But before entering the PCG gate, one must walk through the congested shanties along the narrow street of Muelle De La Industria from Delpan Bridge. This venture, perhaps, would only be dared by a handful.

    It was a relief to finally reach the gate of PCG compound after that 300 meter or so walk. Before entering the compound, I have to ask permission first to the Guard and after a little questioning on my purpose, I was allowed to go to the lighthouse are ...

  • Faro De Rio De Pasig

    Faro De Rio De Pasig

    Faro de Rio de Pasig, or Pasig River Lighthouse, is the oldest light station built in the Philippines, at the mouth of Pasig River, during the Spanish era. It was first lighted in 1642 during the term of Governador-General Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera to guide the galleons of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade that were entering the Rio de Pasig or Pasig River.

    It was only on 1846 that the tower was improved into a 15m grey stone lighthouse when the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade was at the period of decline and Manila was opened into a broader, more extensive international trade.

    The old ...

  • Parola Of Pasig

    Parola Of Pasig

    I find lighthouses romantic, emitting radiant light to guide fishermen, sailors and ordinary beings, acting as lonely sentinels of the sea. On the tour with Ambeth Ocampo, we caught sight of this landmark dating back to 1642, the oldest in the Philippines and built by the Spaniards, on the north side of the entrance of Pasig River. Built using gray stone and standing fifteen meters in height, the original structure was demolished, sadly, in 1992 and replaced with the present one said to be architecturally inferior to the original.

    Note that the Parola also refers to the impoverished communi ...