Paco Park

Manila, Manila

Paco Park is a 4,114.80 m2 (44,291.3 sq ft) recreational garden area and was once Manila's municipal cemetery built by the Dominicans during the Spanish colonial period. It is located along General Luna St. and at the east end of Padre Faura Street in Paco district in the City of Manila, the Philippines.

Paco Park News

  • The Peaceful Paco Park And Cemetery

    The Peaceful Paco Park And Cemetery

    Paco Park is a recreational garden area and served as Manila's municipal cemetery during Spanish colonial period. This structure was built in the 18th century and was completed in 1822. Its original design is to be a municipal cemetery for the influential and aristocratic Spanish families living in Manila and Intramuros but also served as the peaceful dwelling place for those victims of cholera epidemic.

  • Living In The Round

    Living In The Round

    Most Filipinos live in towns and cities. Urban life is now the norm but our history of urban life started close to four centuries ago. The Spanish introduced us to urbanity as a way to control us.

    We were brought into poblacions, which were organized according to the Laws of the Indies. Generally, this template stipulated that we build using a grid of streets with plazas and open spaces. These were framed by important structures of church and state.

    Most of the Philippines 145 cities and close to 1,500 towns are shaped this way. There are exceptions. Circular patterns have appeared in ou ...

  • Lets Explore Manila Paco Park And Cemetery

    Lets Explore Manila Paco Park And Cemetery

    After our overnight stay in Go Hotels Otis, we packed our things early and proceed to our next destination in Manila. I have been aiming to visit this place for a long time and when I found out that it was just one ride away from our hotel, we decided to put it on our itinerary.

    We visited the Paco Park and Cemetery, a simple and quaint park in Paco, Manila. Although it is being tagged as Cemetery, the place is now a recreational garden and is a popular wedding venue for those couples who want a garden-like settings. It might be a small and simple place in Manila but it has a huge historica ...

  • All We Want Is A Walk In The Park

    All We Want Is A Walk In The Park

    We all need a pause button for our fast-paced lives, a green oasis beneath those skyscrapers, a time for reflection time away from the city. Funny how we always try to go out of Manila whenever we realize that we need time away from the city, when nature, at its best, is right in the middle, or even around the corner of the building of our office, maybe just a 15-minute walk or an hour ride away.

    For years, Manila has evolved from a simple town where the kalesa is the mode of transportation to an urban jungle choking in trucks, cars, taxis, jeepneys, and motorcycles. When people started han ...

  • From Cemetery To Park

    From Cemetery To Park

    This undas weekend we take a different turn in our continuing series on Philippine plazas and parks. We visit two distinctive spaces in the round that are located a few kilometers from each other in old Manila. The most interesting thing about these two spaces is not their geometry, but the fact that they both started life as cemeteries.

    Paco Park and Remedios Circle were both places for the dead. Today, hordes of the living do not flock to these two spaces on Nov. 1 and 2 as they do with cemeteries and memorial parks. This is because the remains of those interred there lave been relocated ...

  • Paranaque National HS Glee Club To Perform At Paco Park

    Paco Park Presents will feature the ParaƱaque National High School Glee Club on April 22, at 6:00 PM at the historic Paco Park in San Marcelino, Manila.

    The ParaƱaque National High School Glee Club or PNHS Glee Club was formerly known as PNHS CHORALE which was established during the late 1970s by Mrs. Nemencia Feliciano. It was re-organized by Ms. Mary Ann C. Vecino, the new trainer and conductress last October 2010.

    Aside from the regular performances during school activities, the choir was also invited to perform in different functions and events outside the school such as Shangri-la ...