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  • Gabriela Silang Monument In Makati

    Gabriela Silang Monument In Makati

    Located hundred meters away from the Greenbelt 4 in Makati, where the Sto Niño de Paz is situated, lays the Gabriela Silang Monument. This monument was created by Jose M. Mendoza in 1971 in honor of Gabriela Silang, the first Filipina to lead a revolt against Spain. Gabriela Silang was born in Barangay Caniogan , Santa, Ilocos Sur on March 19, 1731. After the murder of her husband, Diego Silang, she led his troops in a policy of harassment that earned her the title of 'Generala'. Outnumbered, she fled to the mountains where she was captured, and after a summary trial, hanged publicly in Vigan ...

  • Giant Paella Launches Flavors Of The Philippines 2016

    Giant Paella Launches Flavors Of The Philippines 2016

    A platoon of chefs namely Spanish Chefs Mikel Arriet and Juan Carlo de Terry, Filipino Chefs J. Gamboa, Fernando Aracama, Carlo Miguel, Jerome Valencia, Bruce Lim, among other members of the LTB Philippines Chefs Association, cooked a 10-foot diameter Paella last Saturday, March 12 at Greenbelt Park, Makati to start celebrations of the 2nd Flavors of the Philippines.

    "To the master chefs present today, these are the pros who know more than 100 ways. We feel your pride as you represent the Philippines in various international events and for each accolade that you receive. We share your joy a ...

  • Paella Gigante Launches Flavors Of The Philippines Festival

    Paella Gigante Launches Flavors Of The Philippines Festival

    Its four thirty in the afternoon temperature at 35 degrees Celsius, humidity in the 60s. Yet there's a bonfire blazing in the middle of the Greenbelt 3 Park. Dozens of chefs mill about the roaring fire, sweating in their white jackets, stoking the embers with sticks and shovels. All around the park, people brave the heat to see what's going on.

    Then the performance begins. The chefs lay out an 10-foot diameter pan big enough to cook paella for 300-plus people. As the other chefs pour in liters of oil, Chef Juan Carlo de Terry of Terry's Bistro claims, "No other dish in the world can congreg ...

  • Madrid Fusion Manila 2015

    Through this activity, the Philippines is bringing the future of food in Asia.

    Madrid Fusion is held annually in Madrid, Spain and is attended by elite chefs and experts in the culinary field to discuss trends, the evolution of tastes, and the new food habits. The Philippines Department of Tourism inked an agreement with Arum Estrategias Internationalizacion, S.L. and Foro de Debate S.L., the legal owner of the Madrid Fusion trademark on July 23, 2014 to jointly organize the first ever Madrid Fusion in Asia. Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III also witnessed the signing of the Memora ...

  • Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 Gets Cooking

    Madrid Fusión Manila (MFM) 2016 is our chance to prove, beyond doubt, that the Philippines is indeed a center of excellence for culinary arts in Asia and the world and that Filipino cuisine has finally arrived on the global stage," said Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. "There is no turning back now. We are now competing with the rest of the world".

    With 2016 declared "Visit the Philippines Again Year" MFM 2016 made a sizzling comeback with its launch last Jan. 26 at the center stage of Madrid Fusión 2016 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid, Spain.

    "We have come here tod ...

  • Fusion Of Flavors SM Supermalls Celebrates Madrid Fusion Manila

    Fusion Of Flavors SM Supermalls Celebrates Madrid Fusion Manila

    I believe that we Filipinos love to experiment with food proof of this is the popularity that local dishes "with a twist" have been getting lately in concept restaurants. Have you tried a Corned Beef Kansi? How about Sinigang with Watermelon? Or maybe we shouldn't go further and just take a look at our very own Halo-halo, which is probably the epitome of how Pinoys love to mix and match different ingredients and flavors of food.

    It's no secret that the Filipino cuisine has been influenced by a variety of cultures, and this "fusion of flavors" is what this year's Madrid Fusion Manila will be ...