Lower Marikina River

Marikina, Manila

Marikina River is a river in eastern Metro Manila, Philippines. It is a tributary of Pasig River with headwaters located in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal province.

Marikina River used to be an important transport route during the Spanish colonial era, but its importance as a transport route diminished when the Philippines' national highway system became more establi ...

shed. The resulting lack of river boat traffic and the deforestation of the upland areas in what is now the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape contributed to the river's siltation, further reducing its value as a transport route.

Due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become very polluted, an act which recent Marikina City administrations have attempted to address.

The river's depth ranges from 3??"21 meters and spans from 70??"120 meters. It has a total area of nearly 75.2 hectares and is 27 kilometers long. The riverbank has an elevation of 8 meters above sea level at the boundary of San Mateo and Marikina. This slowly goes down at an elevation of 4 meters nearly before the Malanday and Santo Nino boundary. The lowest elevation is along Calumpang which 2 meters above sea level.  Wiki

Lower Marikina River News

  • Four River

    Four River

    Sunday afternoon at around 5 we went to the worker's compound in our condominium complex. Being a Sunday the usual throng of laborers were not around. This would be an opportunity for us to have a closer look at the Marikina River which is very close to the worker's area. We were so thankful that we added 4 more species to the list of birds seen at The Grove.

  • Marikina City To Join 31st International Coastal Clean-up

    Marikina City To Join 31st International Coastal Clean-up

    The 31st International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) 2016 will be held worldwide simultaneously on Saturday, 17 September 2016. Philippines was so far the current record holder of the country with the "Biggest Number of ICC Volunteers" in last years 30th ICC with 107,695 volunteers, 2nd placer was the USA.

    The 106th Auxiliary Squadron of the Coast Guard Auxiliary District National Capital Region - Central Luzon (CGADNCR-CL) will focus its ICC participation in inland cleanup along the stretch of Marikina River with the main target cleanup site in Barangay Malanday and Tumana; and the creek along ...

  • Riverbanks Center A One Stop Destination For The Whole Family

    Riverbanks Center A One Stop Destination For The Whole Family

    Where in the metro can you find the biggest outdoor amphitheater that can seat 20,000 people? Where can you find the biggest outlet center (24 stores and counting) with the lowest prices? Where can you find the world's biggest pair of shoes, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, that measures 5.29 m. long, 2.37 m. wide, and 1.83 m. high? Shoe amazing, don't you think? Where can you see the smallest replicas of things you would find in the different rooms of a European mansion? Where can you find the country's first interactive science center? Where can you find a museum of "faith an ...

  • Life And Marikina River

    Life And Marikina River

    Whenever I walk or bike around the Marikina River Park, I instantly reconnect to my childhood and my oneness with nature. However, looking at the once-majestic river, I feel a certain sadness gnawing on my nostalgic spirit.

    The river has significantly narrowed over the years due to the erosion of its banks brought about by constant flooding. Situated in a valley, Marikina has always been the funnel of rainwater from higher grounds around it. This has resulted in the silting of the river, which has become shallow through the years, and the water itself has turned grayish. Households by the r ...

  • Peoples Voices Marikina Watershed

    Voices from members of people's organizations in the Marikina watershed. They speak of how the Initiative has affected them and what still needs to be done.

  • Marikina To Hold Okto-beer Festival At The River Park

    Marikina To Hold Okto-beer Festival At The River Park

    The city government of Marikina will hold the "Okto-beer" festival on Friday, October 23 starting at 5:00 PM at the Ming Ramos Lane along Marikina River Park.

    The event, in partnership with San Miguel Brewery, will feature some of the hottest band in town like Spongecola, Moonstar 88, Join the Club, and other local bands and surprise guests. Around 3,000 are expected to participate in this festival.

    Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman thanked San Miguel for choosing the city to hold the event.

    However, the local chief reminded the participants to drink moderately and responsibly to maintain ...