Arroceros Forest Park

Manila, Manila

Arroceros Forest Park is a riverside park in Manila, Philippines, located on Antonio Villegas Street (former Calle Arroceros) in the central district of Ermita. Developed in 1993, the 2.2-hectare (5.4-acre) urban forest on the south bank of the Pasig River, at the foot of Quezon Bridge, consists of secondary growth forest with 61 different tree varieties and 8,000 ornamental plants providing a hab ...

itat for 10 different bird species. Despite its small size, it is considered an important feature of the city. It lies in a historic area of Manila and has been called "Manila's last lung", being the city's only nature park. The park is administered by the City Government of Manila in partnership with private environmental group, Winner Foundation.

Arroceros Forest Park News

  • Butterflies In Manila: A Symbol Of Hope For Urban Biodiversity

    Butterflies In Manila: A Symbol Of Hope For Urban Biodiversity

    Most Filipinos believe in the superstition that a butterfly is a reincarnation of a departed loved one. That when a butterfly is wandering in one's home, it is believed that they are the departed loved ones who came to visit.

    Such stories never fail to generate the mixed feelings of relief, love, inspiration and hope, especially for those who live in the city, where the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees are now hard to find.

    But what do butterflies truly represent, especially in a polluted setting like Metropolitan Manila, specifically the bustling city of Manila, the country's ...

  • Saving Arroceros

    Saving Arroceros

    The Arroceros Forest Park is the last remaining oasis of mature trees in Manila. Over 3,000 trees, 8,000 ornamental shrubs, as well as dozens of species of bird and other fauna, call it home. This home may disappear, as the City of Manila reportedly wants to build more structures on what they consider undeveloped public land.

    The 2.2-hectare forest has been in existence since 1993, when the site was turned over by the Department of Education to the City of Manila, which in turn leased it out to the Winner Foundation, an NGO, for development as a nature park. That Memorandum of Agreement has ...

  • Arroceros Forest Park

    Manila, known as an urban jungle surrounded by towering edifices, whose canopies provide shelter to the distressed --its snaking rivers of concrete and asphalt -- are filled with the noise of bustling traffic.

    But unbeknownst to many, in the midst of this old city lies a forest of natural beauty.

    Arroceros Forest Park, located near the Central Station of the LRT Line 1, is the only forest park left in the entirety of Manila.

  • Arroceros Forest Park

    Discover our last surviving urban forest here at the heart of Manila.

    Join us in our advocacy through raising awareness by liking and sharing this video.

    Let us preserve nature's gift to mankind. Save Arroceros Forest Park!


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  • Metro Manila Arroceros Forest Park

    Metro Manila Arroceros Forest Park

    A forest in the Megacity? Arroceros, a park dubbed as Manila's last lung, is an important patch of green in the concrete jungle.

    Arroceros Forest Park is a precious patch of green in the bustling metropolis. This 2.2 hectare property that lies near the Pasig River was intended as a haven for those who want to get away from Manila's busy streets. It hosts a wide array of plant life and is also home to a number of bird species.

    Its name, according to experts, means "rice dealers" because the park was once a venue for rice dealers in 16th and 17th century Manila. Malay and Chinese traders a ...

  • Arroceros Forest Park The Last Lung Of Manila

    Arroceros Forest Park The Last Lung Of Manila

    It's called as "the last Lung" of the Manila City. Arroceros is a Spanish word means Rice Traders. It was a place where rice traders met in old times. This park is near the river bank of Pasig River, to the right side ayala bridge and to the left side quezon bridge can be seen. it has a 2.2 hectares land area but in 1992 there was a construction of a building, some of the oldest trees were cut. There were environmentalists and concerned groups opposed but it was still pursued. At this moment the land area of the Forest left is 1.1 hectare.

    While we were walking towards the Arroceros Fores ...