Liguasan Marsh

Sultan Sumagka, Maguindanao

The Liguasan Marsh, which spans 220,000 hectares, lies along the provinces of North Cotabato and Maguindanao, two of the provinces that the Moro people have been claiming as part of their ancestral domain.

Liguasan is the only place in the Philippines where the Comb-crested Jacana, also known as the Lotusbird or the Lillytrotter bird, so named because of its habit of walking on the ...

surface of water by leaping on leaves of louts or water lilies.

The marsh is one of the last strongholds for the endangered Philippine Crocodile and the Estuarine Crocodile.

The endangered Monkey-eating Eagle is reported to be present in the forested areas of the marsh.

Misuari, who called himself as a peace advocate, said peace in Moroland should be obtained in the soonest time possible so that plans on how to obtain the resources of Liguasan Marsh could be laid in.

Liguasan Marsh News

  • DENR To Spearhead Liguasan Marsh Rehab

    DENR To Spearhead Liguasan Marsh Rehab

    A 1,000-hectare marshland in conflict-ridden Liguasan Marsh In Maguindanao will be planted with bamboo through the government's National Greening Program (NGP) in hopes that it will foster peace in the community.

    The initiative will be carried out under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources' (DENR) Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD).

    The project launched by DENR Secretary Gina Lopez is a one-of-a-kind partnership with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), military, Radjah Buayan town, Maguindanao provincial government, and their communities.

    DENR-Ecosyste ...

  • Maguindanao Backs DENR Program In Liguasan Marsh

    Maguindanao Backs DENR Program In Liguasan Marsh

    Maguindanao leaders have assured Environment Sec. Gina Lopez that they will fully support the agency's greening program in the province.

    Maguindanao Gov. Esmael Toto Mangudadatu said Thursday that local leaders, mostly mayors, vowed to support Lopez's greening program at the Liguasan Marsh.

    Lopez led on Wednesday the launching of the Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SAID) program in Buluan town, which has an allocation of P21 million for massive bamboo and mangrove production around the 220,000-hectare marshland.

    Lopez and Kahal Kedtag, environment secretary for the Autonomous ...

  • Govt To Develop Liguasan Marsh Lopez

    Govt To Develop Liguasan Marsh Lopez

    Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez vowed to fully support the conservation and development of the resource-rich Liguasan Marsh that straddles three provinces in Central Mindanao.

    During her visit here on Wednesday, Lopez showed local government officials similar efforts which have been made across the country that can be replicated in the 280,000-hectare marsh.

    Liguasan Marsh straddles 29 towns in the provinces of Maguindanao, North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

    One of the initial projects to be implemented is the putting up of a bamboo nursery.

    Rajah Buayan town ...

  • Look 11 Foot Philippine Crocodile Captured In Mindanao

    Look 11 Foot Philippine Crocodile Captured In Mindanao

    An 11-foot female crocodile identified by experts as a Crocodylus Mindorensis, also known as Philippine Crocodile, was captured in Barangay Cuyapon, Kabacan, North Cotabato.

    The crocodile named "Kanluran" was living in the Liguasan Marsh.

    Fisherman Mamangkas Mangatong, 70, said he had to capture the reptile because it was destroying their fishnets and cages.

    "....hinuli ko kasi hindi na kami makapangisda, pero yung mga buwaya naman sa lugar na 'di kami nangingisda, hindi ko pinapakialaman," Mangatong said.

    Mamangkas said he has already captured over 50 crocodiles in Liguasan Marsh. ...

  • Heat Forcing Crocodiles In Liguasan Marsh To Look For Cooler Places

    The intense heat has caused crocodiles at the Liguasan Marsh to look for cooler places, at times even in areas where humans live.

    According to Bernadette Reyes report on 24 Oras on Monday, an eight-foot crocodile was captured by a farmer in Barangay Cuyapon in Kabacan town on Sunday.

    The crocodile was able to get inside the farmer's fish cage. Locals said that the marsh has been drying up.

    The farmer was about to sell the crocodile but he was stopped after he was promised six sacks of rice.

    "[With] the increase of the temperature they have look for more cooler place and the food th ...

  • Planting in Liguasan Marsh eyed

    Planting in Liguasan Marsh eyed

    The Department of Agriculture in Region 12 is eyeing new places that can be used for planting corn and rice during the dry season.

    DA-12 on Tuesday conducted a workshop to identify the problems and plans for the prolonged dry spell that is expected to be experienced in coming months.

    Regional Technical Director for Operations Zaldy Boloron said one of the things they are looking into to prepare for the dry spell is new areas where rice and corn can be planted.

    Among the areas eyed for this purpose is the Liguasan Marsh in south central Mindanao.

    According to Boloron, they are still ...