Lake Buluan Game Refuge

Buluan, Maguindanao

Lake Buluan is a lake located in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. With an estimated surface area of 61.34 square kilometers, it is the third largest lake in Mindanao, after Lake Lanao and Lake Mainit. It has an average elevation of 4.5 meters.

The lake is sandwiched between the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat. The lake falls under the political jurisdiction of the mu ...

nicipalities of Buluan of Maguindanao and President Quirino and Lutayan in Sultan Kudarat.

The lake actually consists of adjoining marshy basins of the Pulangi, Maanoy, Buluan, Alah rivers, which are all tributaries of the Mindanao River.

Mining operations in the nearby provinces of South Cotabato and Davao del Sur as well as Sultan Kudarat poses a threat to the lake habitat.  Wiki

Lake Buluan Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary News

  • South Cotabato firmly against open pit mining

    South Cotabato firmly against open pit mining

    The provincial government of South Cotabato has shut the door to a review of the 2010 provincial legislation that bans destructive mining practices from the province.

    Among the banned mining practices is open-pit mining, the same system that Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI) wants to use in its $5.9 billion copper and gold mining project in Tampakan town.

    South Cotabato Gov. Daisy Fuentes said the provincial government was standing firm on the ban and would not tinker with the province's environmental code just to accommodate SMI.

    She made the statement on Saturday last week, shortly after ...

  • Must See Tourist Spots in Sultan Kudarat

    Must See Tourist Spots in Sultan Kudarat

    Sultan Kudarat??"the name alone can evoke images of royalty. Rightfully so as the province was named after the ancient sovereign ruler Sultan Muhamammad Dipatuan Kudarat who was famous for bravely resisting the Spanish occupation during the colonial period. And what outsiders, even many Filipinos outside the region, probably don't even know is that they have a land blessed with rich natural resources??"so rich in fact that many of its flora and fauna have not been fully discovered??"right inside their backyard. And just as the province opens its doors to tourism and investment, let us offer yo ...

  • US funded project to help fishermen in Lake Buluan

    US funded project to help fishermen in Lake Buluan

    The completion of a US-funded landing facility for fisherfolks in Lake Buluan is expected to boost the local economy, officials said.

    Lualhati Antonino, Mindanao Development Authority chairperson, inaugurated Tuesday the newly-built pumpboat dock at Barangay Tumbao in Maguindanao's Mangudadatu town.

    The facility was constructed by non-government, "pro-peace, pro-development" organization Growth with Equity in Mindanao (GEM) using grants from the United States Agency for International Development.

    Lake Buluan, surrounded by the towns of Lutayan in Sultan Kudarat, and Maguindanao's adjo ...

  • Running around Lake Pinamaloy

    Running around Lake Pinamaloy

    Being involved in a project in the southern part of Bukidnon and staying in the area for a few weeks, among my first concerns was to find a place to run, just like what other running addicts would do. The highway amid a rolling terrain with a scenic view is nice, but there's just too much traffic, heavy trucks and large buses no less in this busy highway. I asked friends in the area, but most recommendations involved track ovals or some parks, which are too short a route for my liking. I don't wanna be running a place 50 or more times, y'know.

    Until someone said, "Lake Pinamaloy! You can ru ...

  • Places to Visit in Sultan Kudarat

    Places to Visit in Sultan Kudarat

    Sultan Kudarat is one of the provinces in the SOCCSKSARGEN region. The name Sultan Kudarat was gotten from the great Muslim ruler and national hero, Sultan Mohammad Dipatuan Kudarat, who reigned in the Sultanate of Maguindanao from 1625 to 1671. The province is covered with lots of trees. The area had been a part of the empire of Sultan Kudarat who united the Muslims in fierce resistance against the Spaniards. The province has a short one to three months of dry season and an evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. It has one city and 11 municipalities.

    Places to see

    Tacurong was ...

  • DOT Lists 78 Ecotourism Sites Not Open To Mining Operations

    DOT Lists 78 Ecotourism Sites Not Open To Mining Operations

    The Department of Tourism (DOT) has released its list of 78 ecotourism sites will be closed to mining as part of governments plan to boost their tourism potential for revenue and jobs generation.

    Lumped into 20 clusters, the Tourism Development Areas (TDA) are mostly long recognized as protected areas (PA) being natural parks (NP), marine reserve (MR), protected landscape (PL), wildlife sanctuary (WS), protected seascape (PS), protected landscape-seascape (PLS), watershed reservation (WR), or watershed forest reservation (WFR).

    Aside from DOT, other government agencies like the Parks and ...