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  • Endangered Sea Hawk Rescued In Ormoc City Turned Over To DENR

    Endangered Sea Hawk Rescued In Ormoc City Turned Over To DENR

    A concerned citizen turned over on Sunday, March 12, an endangered eagle or sea hawk (Pandion Haliaetus) to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) after it was rescued in a residential area here.

    Joseph Tolentino Jr., a resident of Barangay Mabini, said he was surprised when the eagle suddenly appeared at the narrow and dark pathway of their community.

    Knowing the value of this raptor, they saved the eagle, preventing others from snatching it.

    Some residents believed that the eagle might have smashed into a tall building and fell to the ground. Both of its legs w ...

  • Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide

    Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide

    Even the sun wasn't up yet, I already noticed the unusual gloom. Clouds hovered really low. Also, the intermittent drizzles didn't seem favorable.

    From afar, I could hardly draw the horizon as it was blurred by the draping downpour. The gale warning signal issued by a local climate authority discouraged the plan further.

    I was never reluctant to travel to Ormoc, though. I had plan B in mind??"that whenever we are not allowed to cross to Kalanggaman Island that day, I will spend my weekend in Tacloban instead.

    With only adventure in mind, I took SuperCat's 5:30AM trip from Cebu's pier ...

  • Travel Guide Kalanggaman Island In Leyte

    Travel Guide Kalanggaman Island In Leyte

    Foreword: I am from Leyte particularly in Ormoc City and we just visited Kalanggaman Island last February 9, 2017. And I am writing this to give relevant information to all travelers who are planning to visit the island anytime soon. Enjoy! :)

    Kalanggaman Island is now one of the most famous travel destinations in Leyte. Why? Because of its whitesand beach, picturesque sandbars, relaxing surroundings, and crystal clear waters. The island is really, really good for family picnics, overnight camps, and group gatherings.

    Kalanggaman Island is located off the coast of the municipality of Pal ...