Lake Danao Park

Ormoc City, Leyte

Lake Danao National Park is on the island of Leyte, Philippines in the province of Leyte and covers 2,193 hectares. The park includes Lake Danao, a guitar-shaped lake. The lake is covering an area of 148 hectares. which also includes the Amandiwin mountain range.

The lake supplies potable water to at least seven towns in Eastern Leyte including Tacloban City as well as the source of ...

irrigation for ricelands in some municipalities like Dagami, Burauen, Pastrana and Tabon-tabon.

At 650 metres above sea level, Lake Danao lies on an altitude similar to Tagaytay, making the area cooler than the average Philippine temperature.

There are wetlands found near the lake. The present lake could be the deepest portion of a much larger lake in the past. It was probably much larger in the geologic past and could have included the large wetlands and marshes. Sedimentation has probably transformed this portion of the lake into what it is today.

Various sectors of the local community had been studying the lake and its ecosystem. The major threat of avifaunal species in Lake Danao Natural Park is hunting. Key informants revealed that hunters are not only the local residents but many of them also come from other places.

Birds that are mostly hunted are hornbills, doves, and pigeons. Slash-and-burn of forest for agricultural cultivation and illegal logging also has contributed to the degradation of some parts of the protected area. Establishment of human settlements within the park is also a serious threat. There has been recorded illegal settlements within the vicinity of the lake that could greatly affect its ecosystem.

Lake Danao National Park News

  • Lake Danao Placid And Silence In The City Of Ormoc

    Lake Danao Placid And Silence In The City Of Ormoc

    Arrived at Ormoc port deciding whether to grab the next trip back to Cebu or to find another interesting thing to do. It was still quite early and our adventure stamina hasnt run out yet. Some of us grabbed the next trip as they still have another schedule to catch while the rest of us were left hanging on what to do with the remaining time. "Lake Danao!" popped up from the silence. One of us suggested Lake Danao as it is located just within the city of Ormoc.

  • 3D2N From Summit To Sea And Lake An Independence Adventure In Biliran And Ormoc City

    3D2N From Summit To Sea And Lake An Independence Adventure In Biliran And Ormoc City

    The grin marking my face as I have seen the red marked on my calendar, which means another long weekend for an extreme adventure. Yes, the Philippines celebrates the 119th anniversary of its independence last June 12, 2017. My friends and I decided to explore the Province of Biliran and climb the highest Mountain in Biliran. We likewise had a side trip to the cloistered Lake in Ormoc City, which is located in the Province of Leyte.

  • DENR8 Undertakes Efforts To Preserve Lake Danao Natural Park

    Efforts are being undertaken to protect and preserve the unique and fragile ecosystem of Lake Danao Natural Park in Ormoc City, one of the Regions seven protected areas declared under the National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS) Act of 1992.

    The move of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the region is in response to a report from Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) in Ormoc disclosing that the 6.5 quake which jolted some parts of Leyte caused numerous landslides in Mt. Banao and other areas within the protected area including Brgy. Lake Da ...

  • Lake Danao Natural Park Ormoc Citys Natural Gem That Provides A Relaxing View To Behold

    Lake Danao Natural Park Ormoc Citys Natural Gem That Provides A Relaxing View To Behold

    Exactly like any other travelers, when owning a chance to have an extra time and explore some other beautiful scenery, you get to grab and own it like its your last day in the certain place. Yes, visiting Lake Danao was actually included in our itinerary, but scarcely an option since we don?t have much time. It was definitely a side trip, simply a chance to traipse my feet in its innate beauty means a chance to commune with mother nature.

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    Ormoc City Beauty Beyond Tragedy

    Despite the strong earthquakes that recently rocked Ormoc City, a first class city in the province of Leyte, its beauty still stands out in Visayas.

    When in Ormoc City, never miss tasting its famous Queen Pineapple that has a distinct sweetness. Recently, the unofficial city icon was given a fitting tribute in the first Pina Festival on June 25 with a jovial event that featured a street dancing competition, a ritual/showdown, and the crowning of the Festival Queen.

    Pinya is Ormocs pride. We want to celebrate our Queen Table Pineapple, said Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez. Ormoc City Repre ...

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    Ormoc City A Perfect Educational Tour Destination

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