Kalanggaman Island

Palompon, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman Island, is a strip of land with an area of less than 10 hectares, situated approximately 12 kilometers from the shoreline of the mainland of Palompon, Leyte.

With its rich marine environment , it served as traditional fishing grounds of the local fisherfolks and communal area for swimming and social gatherings of local residents. Lying midway to Ce ...

bu province, it has milky white sand and crystal clear waters, blue waters and palm trees.

On weekends, it is full of local tourists - families, employees, yuppies, marine sports buffs and nature lovers. Various occasions, varied experiences and impressions.

Kalanggaman is tiptoeing as it strikes a sensitive balance between tourism and preservation of its natural charm. Camping is fun. You can sleep soundly and safely on the beach. Have a mosquito repellant, just in case. More travel tips: sunblock to protect your skin, sunglass, hat, flashlight, sleeping gear, mineral water, ice cubes, foodstuffs. Different strokes for different folks, however. Local picnic treats are typically Filipino - food galore from crispy lechon, adobo to root crops.

Kalanggaman is friendly to children and non-swimmers. The waves are not intimidating. It has an intertidal white sand bar that appears and disappears along the western part of the islet depending on the direction of the waves. A briefing is given on activities and areas suited to scuba diving, swimming, bird watching, snorkeling, boating, etc.

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman News

  • The Virgin Island Of Kalanggaman

    The Virgin Island Of Kalanggaman

    Splendid long sandbars that are stretching on both sides of the island are what Kalanggaman Island is known for. Located at the Palompon municipality at the Leyte province, Kalanggaman Island is sometimes considered to be a small version of Boracay Island having clear blue water and white sand that is powder-like.

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    Let your heart be one of them.

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  • Kalanggaman And Sambawan Island And Why You Need To Visit

    Kalanggaman And Sambawan Island And Why You Need To Visit

    Summer is over here in the Philippines but I am still longing for sun, sand and the beach. And I know many of us do, too.

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    Partylist Steps Up Eastern Visayas Tourism Promotion

    Huge banners featuring top tourism destinations in Eastern Visayas have been installed in public and private terminals in this city to raise awareness among locals on must-see places.

    Florencio Noel, founder of An Waray Parylist, has observed that many locals have yet to visit top destinations in the region since they are unaware of these attractions, activities, and how to get there.

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  • Kalanggaman Island Day Trip

    Kalanggaman Island Day Trip

    This was actually my first time travelling day trip to Kalanggaman. We had a quick day trip to kalanggaman last july 2, 2018. My friends niece wanted to visit 1 of the best islands in Leyte before her trip going back to Davao. I suggested the kalanggaman island. And perhaps you already know the reasons why Kalanggaman. Well, let the photos below do the talking. He he.

  • Visiting Kalanggaman Island And Sambawan Island With LUDIFY Trips

    Visiting Kalanggaman Island And Sambawan Island With LUDIFY Trips

    Kalanggaman Island and Sambawan Island are only two (2) of the popular island near Leyte that has been attracting a lot of tourists - locals and foreigners alike.