Kalanggaman Island

Palompon, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman Island, is a strip of land with an area of less than 10 hectares, situated approximately 12 kilometers from the shoreline of the mainland of Palompon, Leyte.

With its rich marine environment , it served as traditional fishing grounds of the local fisherfolks and communal area for swimming and social gatherings of local residents. Lying midway to Ce ...

bu province, it has milky white sand and crystal clear waters, blue waters and palm trees.

On weekends, it is full of local tourists - families, employees, yuppies, marine sports buffs and nature lovers. Various occasions, varied experiences and impressions.

Kalanggaman is tiptoeing as it strikes a sensitive balance between tourism and preservation of its natural charm. Camping is fun. You can sleep soundly and safely on the beach. Have a mosquito repellant, just in case. More travel tips: sunblock to protect your skin, sunglass, hat, flashlight, sleeping gear, mineral water, ice cubes, foodstuffs. Different strokes for different folks, however. Local picnic treats are typically Filipino - food galore from crispy lechon, adobo to root crops.

Kalanggaman is friendly to children and non-swimmers. The waves are not intimidating. It has an intertidal white sand bar that appears and disappears along the western part of the islet depending on the direction of the waves. A briefing is given on activities and areas suited to scuba diving, swimming, bird watching, snorkeling, boating, etc.

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman News

  • Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide, How To Get There

    Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide, How To Get There

    The whole vessel was brimming with enthusiasm as the boatmen prepared to land us on Kalanggaman Island.

    The morning travel was uneventful: there was a slight concern for rain, but fortunately the rainclouds never left the mainland. My companions, groggy the whole trip, were now back to their festive selves, barely hiding their excitement as the island got close. By the time the boat touched silt, everyones as giddy as a tuba drinking session.

  • Kalanggaman Island Budget, Travel Guide, Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Kalanggaman Island Budget, Travel Guide, Itinerary And Useful Tips

    Kalanggaman Island is Palompon Leytes hidden treasure and a secret haven to the more adventurous of spirits. It was for the longest time unknown to many until late 2015 when stunning photos of it surfaced the internet, making probably everyone in the travelling world going gaga about it. By gaga I meant went totally crazy over it that barely a week from the time I first got a glimpse of it online followed hundreds or even thousand more photos of people looking so satisfied posing next to the infamous sandbar of this sensational island. Oh how I wished I have the luxury of time and money to sna ...

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    Leyte And Biliran 5-Day Budget Travel Guide Itinerary 2017

    The Philippines with its more than 7000 beautiful islands is like heaven on earth. From its exaulted, most sought islands such as Boracay, Cebu and Palawan to the lowkey ones like Siargao and Bohol, this archipelago in Southeast Asia possesses some of the most amazingly stunning destinations in the world. You may think you have seen it all but this country still has more up its sleeves. Look beyond the usual tourists tracks and you would discover some of the most underrated but awe-inspiring destinations you?ve probably never heard of before. Among these are the provinces of Leyte and Biliran.

  • Mermaid Tales PH Leyte And Biliran

    Explored Sambawan and Kalanggaman Islands and Tacloban in three days!

  • Kalanggaman Palompons Pride

    Kalanggaman Palompons Pride

    Palompons pride and joy is Kalanggaman Island, known for its white sands. It also has one of the best sand bars in the Philippines. Kalanggaman Island can easily be the best Island in the whole Eastern Visayas region. Ive been there 3 times in the past 2 years, and still, the island never ceases to amaze me.

  • Leytes Kalanggaman Island To Close For A Week For Beauty Rest

    Leytes Kalanggaman Island To Close For A Week For Beauty Rest

    Kalanggaman Island in Palompon town, Leyte will not accept tourists for a week starting Saturday to give way to cleaning and resort repairs, officials said.

    The island, with its powdery white sand surrounded by crystal-clear waters, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the province.

    "Parang tao din 'yan, kailangan ng beauty rest (It's like a person, who needs beauty rest)," tourism regional director Karen Tiopes said.

    The island is expected to welcome tourists again after the seven-day break.