Kalanggaman Island

Palompon, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman Island, is a strip of land with an area of less than 10 hectares, situated approximately 12 kilometers from the shoreline of the mainland of Palompon, Leyte.

With its rich marine environment , it served as traditional fishing grounds of the local fisherfolks and communal area for swimming and social gatherings of local residents. Lying midway to Ce ...

bu province, it has milky white sand and crystal clear waters, blue waters and palm trees.

On weekends, it is full of local tourists - families, employees, yuppies, marine sports buffs and nature lovers. Various occasions, varied experiences and impressions.

Kalanggaman is tiptoeing as it strikes a sensitive balance between tourism and preservation of its natural charm. Camping is fun. You can sleep soundly and safely on the beach. Have a mosquito repellant, just in case. More travel tips: sunblock to protect your skin, sunglass, hat, flashlight, sleeping gear, mineral water, ice cubes, foodstuffs. Different strokes for different folks, however. Local picnic treats are typically Filipino - food galore from crispy lechon, adobo to root crops.

Kalanggaman is friendly to children and non-swimmers. The waves are not intimidating. It has an intertidal white sand bar that appears and disappears along the western part of the islet depending on the direction of the waves. A briefing is given on activities and areas suited to scuba diving, swimming, bird watching, snorkeling, boating, etc.

Kalanggaman Island or Calanggaman News

  • PH Kalanggaman Island

    PH Kalanggaman Island

    Our first local trip together - me and my best friend, K! Our main mission was to visit Kalanggaman Island in Leyte so we first took a plane going to Tacloban. Then from Tacloban, we rode a van for 4 hours to get to Palompon.

  • Why You Need To Visit Kalanggaman Island In Leyte, Philippines And Why I Need To Return

    Why You Need To Visit Kalanggaman Island In Leyte, Philippines And Why I Need To Return

    If there is one thing that I'd like to do as a traveler, it will be to fully enjoy a place that Im visiting.

  • The Search For The Next Boracay: Kalanggaman Island Leyte

    The Search For The Next Boracay: Kalanggaman Island Leyte

    There is never a shortage of beautiful places to see in the Philippines. But if beauty alone is not enough for you, this tiny island in the Visayas will surely help you find your center.

    From the inviting turquoise waters and the white sand to the unobstructed view of the sky, everything about Kalanggaman Island just speaks peace.

    Nestled between Cebu and mainland Leyte, Kalanggaman belongs to the municipality of Palompon. It spans only about a kilometer and features sandbars on the eastern and western tips that when viewed from above look like wings of a bird in flight.

    Palompon Muni ...

  • Siren Call

    Siren Call

    Ahh! The beach! Is there a better place to unplug and disconnect from our harsh realities? The thought of the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the shoreline somehow can make you forget real life. For a few minutes I stare at my laptop wallpaper, which is a photo of a postcard-perfect paradise in the remotest part of Palawan. How I wish I could just teleport away to the island! I remember how the whistling songs of the Orioles and the warm rays of sunshine would wake me up every morning during my camping trip to the island a year ago. I would slip out of my tent right away to enjoy a qu ...

  • Kalanggman Island Biliran Travel Guide: A 2000 PHP Itinerary

    Kalanggman Island Biliran Travel Guide: A 2000 PHP Itinerary

    I was in need of a quick adventure. My itchy feet has this strong desire to explore a place unknown to others; a place where there is less tourists, and more connection to the nature. Suddenly, I thought of Kalanggaman Island. And oh theres Biliran province close to it. Thus, I thank God for the beauty of these provinces; a paradise that is beyond stunning.

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    Travel Bucket List For 2018


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