Alto Peak

Ormoc City, Leyte

Alto Peak or Mount Amindiwin stands majestically on a beautiful realm and highest in Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) located in the town of Ormoc City, province of Leyte.

Alto Peak News

  • Alto Peak Tower Of The East

    Alto Peak is the highest peak not only in the Province of Leyte but in the whole Eastern Visayas Region. It has a towering height of 1332 Meters Above Sea Level and considered as one of the hiking destination that many outdoor enthusiast admire today.

    It's always a great idea to look forward for a new friend with the same passion as yours. Another adventure has set off in Leyte, to reached the highest point of Eastern Visayas..

    Our day started at NAIA around 6am, our supposedly schedule flight got delayed due to unforeseen event. Because of that our itineraries and rest of the schedule g ...

  • Alto Peak Leytes Highest Peak

    Got a chance to climb the highest peak in Leyte. For only 1300++ masl, it just took us only 2.5hrs to scale the peak and took our lunch on top. After an hour, we headed back to Brgy Cabintan. Thanks to the mountaineering groups in Ormoc for inviting us to scale their peak.

  • Leytes Highest Alto Peak Mount Amindiuen

    I was invited by a friend in Palompon to join the Unity Climb organized by Ormoc Mountaineering groups. the groups Katkat, Nuloc and Terra. There are two itineraries so one group can visit Mt. Janagdan Lake while the others scale Alto Peak or Mount Amindiuen. This would be my first time scaling this peak even though I am from Leyte.

    We all meet at the Trail Sign Outdoor shop in Ormoc. Signed waivers, got the shirt and we are all set.

    We arrived at Baranggay Cabintan, left the bigger bags and all we took were water/hydration packs and lunch as the trail was quite technical. Group 1 was al ...

  • TSC At Alto Peak-Mount Amindiwin

    Trekking to Alto Peak - Mt. Amindiwin in Brgy. Cabintan, Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines.

  • Amindiwin traverse

    Also known as Alto Peak, Mt. Amindiwin (or Aminduen to locals) stands 1332 MASL at Barangay Cabintan in Ormoc, Leyte. The highest in Eastern Visayas, the Mt. Amindiwin traverse is a refreshing trek through moderately sloped and sometimes flat terrain before the steep ascent to the summit from its foot.

    A challenge from the usual dayhike itinerary is the inclusion of a traverse to and via Lake Janagdan (1120 MASL). The lake is one of the three Ormoc water bodies frequented by tourists. The others being the bigger Lake Danao (700 MASL) and the less known Lake Kasudsuran (820 MASL).

    A dayh ...

  • Mount Amindiuen Edition New Years Climb

    Mt. Amindiuen, popularly known as Alto Peak, is the highest in Eastern Visayas (Region 8). I used to call it "Alto Peak" but the locals discouraged us to call it in that name because its real name is "Mt. Amindiuen". According to our guide, Alto Peak is the big rock located on the road intersection. You can see it during your trek to the foot of the mountain. Locals said that Mt. Amindiuen was only called Alto Peak because the previous mountaineers called it so.

    I spent half of my December 2011 exploring the beauty of Leyte. I and my friends had this "research mode". We surf the inter ...