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  • A challenging trek to Sta Cruz Falls

    A challenging trek to Sta Cruz Falls

    It was another beautiful waterfall in Lanao del Norte, but more remote, more challenging than Cathedral Falls. Our first attempt to go there, we had to postpone it as it was already 4PM and the dark sky was foreboding. But it didn't dampen our spirits.

    We departed after lunch the next day. After visiting the barangay captain who gave us a guide, we hit the trail. I was expecting a forested setting but we passed by bucolic sceneries, river bends and coconut groves. After 30 minutes, the guide told us. Easy enough then.

    But those 30 minutes stretched to an hour. When we finally hit the sna ...

  • Tinago Falls in Iligan City Laag ta Diri

    Our Adventure in Tinago Falls :) Enjoy to the fullest!

  • Lanao del Norte A Vacation Haven Off the Beaten Path

    Lanao del Norte A Vacation Haven Off the Beaten Path

    Following the natural divide of the Lanao mountain range, the old Lanao was broken in two provinces: Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur. Today, Lanao del Norte has become one of the top vacation destinations in the southern part of the Philippines, and for a good reason.

    Lanao del Norte continues its effort in uplifting the quality of life of its people, both in the urban and rural areas through the promotion of its Integrated Agriculture and Economics Tourism Development Programs. These plans aim to create conditions that will improve the economy of the province, which can be achieved by pr ...