Sta Cruz Falls

Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte

Sta. Cruz Falls are located at Sta. Cruz, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. They are approximately 2 kilometers from the national Highway and surrounded with growing trees and wild vegetation. Known among locals as the miniature of the famous Niagara Falls.

The trail leading to the falls is a bit challenging. You will have to cross a river and hike for about an hour before reaching the w ...

aterfalls. But, once you arrive at the foot of the falls, you'll realize that the time spent and the hardship going there was all worth it.

Santa Cruz Falls News

  • Encountering Majestic Waterfalls In Lanao Del Norte

    Encountering Majestic Waterfalls In Lanao Del Norte

    "Just let go??"and fall like a waterfall." ??" Bob Ross

    Natural waterfalls are beautiful reminders of how amazing our world is. Their power and structure are evidence of the mighty force and artistry of Mother Nature. Seeing one of these wonders up close is definitely a rewarding experience, and jumping or even just standing on top of one can give you a thrill and sense of freedom.

    Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines are located in the province of Lanao del Norte. There are dozens of them scattered around the region, but some of the most majestic are found in the cit ...

  • The 42nd Waterfalls-Santa Cruz Falls

    The 42nd Waterfalls-Santa Cruz Falls

    Location : Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte
    Date : August 16, 2015

    Located in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte around 4 kilometers away from the town center going to the town of Aurora or Pagadian, and before reaching the Sta. Cruz bridge there's a waiting shed. In front of the waiting shed is a small grassy road . This is the starting point of the trek going to the falls.

    Around a hundred meters from the main road is the house of the guide going to the falls. If your not from the area better get a guide because the trek would last for around 30 to 45 minutes. If your feeling adventurous follow th ...

  • 10 Of The Most Majestic Waterfalls In Mindanao

    10 Of The Most Majestic Waterfalls In Mindanao

    Have you been to any of these breathtaking waterfalls?

    Going on a trek to a waterfall could be strenuous most especially if it's located in hard-to-reach places. On the other hand, some waterfalls can be reached in just 10-15 minutes via car.

    First on our list is Maria Cristina which is found in the 'City of Majestic Waterfalls', Iligan.

    1. Maria Cristina Falls, Iligan, Lanao del Norte
    Maria Cristina is the source of hydroelectric power in Lanao del Norte. This 98-meter high waterfall powers the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant. A canopy walkway was installed in the park of the waterfall ...

  • A challenging trek to Sta Cruz Falls

    A challenging trek to Sta Cruz Falls

    It was another beautiful waterfall in Lanao del Norte, but more remote, more challenging than Cathedral Falls. Our first attempt to go there, we had to postpone it as it was already 4PM and the dark sky was foreboding. But it didn't dampen our spirits.

    We departed after lunch the next day. After visiting the barangay captain who gave us a guide, we hit the trail. I was expecting a forested setting but we passed by bucolic sceneries, river bends and coconut groves. After 30 minutes, the guide told us. Easy enough then.

    But those 30 minutes stretched to an hour. When we finally hit the sna ...

  • Chasing waterfalls  in Lanao del Norte

    Chasing waterfalls in Lanao del Norte

    Lanao del Norte has about 30 waterfalls. While the Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City remains unmatched in terms of beauty and splendor, there are "low-key" waterfalls that could probably give Maria Cristina a run for its money, so to speak.

    Located in Linamon, the first town of Lanao del Norte, Tinago Falls is well hidden by thick vegetation and can be reached only by descending a stairs of 420 breathless steps. The only problem is climbing back up, but you won't be too concerned about it anymore because excitement builds up as you negotiate the concrete steps.

    Going down, the steps ha ...

  • Santa Cruz Falls Kapatagan Lanao del Norte

    Santa Cruz Falls Kapatagan Lanao del Norte

    The Municipality of Kapatagan, located in eastern part of Lanao del Norte is not a usual "attractions touristiques" in the country for individuals who wished to sojourn the place as one has to travel with brave heart and strong knees. Nonetheless, the province offers grand attractions and absolute adventures to those who dared enough to explore its hidden treasures and be entwined with its natural scenic charms.

    Among the many waterfalls located in the province, one grand spot that molded by Mother Nature and untouched by human modernization is the waterfall located in Barangay Sta. Cruz, K ...