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  • Kanlaon volcano and Abaga Falls

    Kanlaon volcano and Abaga Falls

    Kanlaon Volcano is the highest peak of Visayas region characterized by multiple falls and one of the most active volcano among the 6 (Taal, Mayon, Kanlaon, Hibok-hibok, Pinatubo, Bulusan). In recent earthquake, Kanlaon Volcano was affected by the tremor and temporary closed but now it is already resumed.

    In the past, it erupted without warning that kill foreigner and Filipino companion (there is nearby memorabilia at jump off regarding Kanlaon volcano, its falls and the pictures of the victim. One of the survivor who used to be guide as well, told about the stories that there was a man who ...

  • Mysterious Abaga Falls

    Mysterious Abaga Falls

    Water falls is a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevations as it flows over a steep region oracliff. Waterfalls are considered to be one of the most beutiful phenomena in nature. some waterfalls are used to genete hydro-electric power.

    Abaga Falls is a waterfall and ecosystem located approimately 15 km southwest of Iligan City on the Island of Mindanao, Philippines. The Height of Abaga Falls is approximately twice that of the more famous Maria Cristina Falls also located within the proximity of Iligan City. Unlike maria Cristina Falls however, which is bed by the agus river, the ...

  • Soak in the Fun at Kalubihon Falls and Dalipuga Falls

    Soak in the Fun at Kalubihon Falls and Dalipuga Falls

    We're still mid-way from a day of waterfalling in Iligan City and Iligan Bloggers Society still has a couple more in store for us. Satiated from lunch at Pampam Falls, the group was ready to move to the nearby Kalubihon Falls. It took us about a quarter of an hour's hike, from gradual ascending hills to steep rock walls with some natural pools coming from a stream above. From the looks of the trail, this promises to be an interesting one.

    Through a Cave to Kalubihon Falls

    "We have to go through there" I asked when we reached a cave with a low crevice. Now this seems exciting. We left al ...