Maria Cristina Falls

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Maria Cristina Falls is a waterfall of the Agus River on the island of Mindanao. It is sometimes called the "twin falls" as the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall.

It is a landmark of Iligan City, nicknamed the City of Majestic Waterfalls, because of the presence of more than 20 waterfalls in the city. It is located 9.3 kilometers away southwest of the city pr ...

oper at the boundaries of Barangays Maria Cristina, Ditucalan, and Buru-un.

Well known for its natural beauty and grandeur, the 98 meters high waterfall is also the primary source of electric power for the city's industries, being harnessed by the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant.  Wiki

Maria Cristina Falls News

  • Maria Cristina Falls

    Maria Cristina Falls

    At the tail end of a four-day trip to Iligan City, our group of four was fortunate enough to get inside the premises of Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant. Within the compound, at the leftmost part of an otherwise unblemished greenery, proudly stands Maria Cristina Falls. It looks like a blinding white light gracefully cascading from the top of the trees. The 320-foot waterfall is not only beautiful like its name, it is also useful for the locals and the businesses, as it is also the primary source of electric power for Iligan City. One cannot imagine the importance of Maria Cristina Falls to Iligan ...

  • Byaheng Mindanao Chasing Waterfalls At The City Of Iligan

    Byaheng Mindanao Chasing Waterfalls At The City Of Iligan

    Have you been to Iligan City? It is a highly urbanized city in the Northern part of Mindanao, Philippines. It is one of the 10 largest cities in the Philippines in terms of land area. Well, Ive been here last December 2015. The City got my interest because of the numerous waterfalls located within its area. Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls and there are about 24 waterfalls in the city. Two of the most well known falls are the Tinago Falls and Maria Cristina Falls.

  • First Travel Of The Year Cagayan De Oro

    First Travel Of The Year Cagayan De Oro

    I haven't made any travel plans this first month of the year, but something came up at the office and now, I'm getting ready for a trip to Cagayan De Oro tomorrow to help out in a work-related event. It will be my second time to visit CDO. The first time was last summer, a few days of visit that was filled with some extreme firsts.

    It was my first time to try whitewater rafting, as well as some scary but exciting rides??"wouldn't mind trying them again.

    If you find yourself in Cagayan De Oro one of these days, here are some ideas on what to see and do:

    Don't forget to visit the Maria ...

  • Visited Seven Of Iligan Citys Waterfalls In Four Days

    Visited Seven Of Iligan Citys Waterfalls In Four Days

    I have not updated this blog for quite a long time, that's 20 days and 12 hours to be exact, my last post was about my travel to Iligan City for the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0. It must be the lack of inspiration the past weeks :) But now I'm back! Hello I don't want October to just passed with only a single post in this blog. Here are some photos of the waterfalls I was able to visit together with the participants of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0. We visited a total of seven out of the 23 identified waterfalls in Iligan City during the 5 days of WAT 1.0.

    DAY 1
    During the first d ...

  • Iligan City Travel Guide

    Iligan City Travel Guide

    Iligan City, the bustling metropolis of Lanao del Norte is best-known for the poster girl of the province ??" Maria Cristina Falls. Despite being hailed as the "City of Magnificent Waterfalls", home to 23 waterfalls, Iligan City doesn't thrive mainly on tourism. Colossal factories poured into the city's vast industrial park that further strengthened its economy. A trip outside Iligan city center will give visitors an eyeful of the city's natural beauty.

    The nearest airport to Iligan City is Laguindingan International Airport which also serves Cagayan de Oro City. When booking a flight the d ...

  • Encountering Majestic Waterfalls In Lanao Del Norte

    Encountering Majestic Waterfalls In Lanao Del Norte

    "Just let go??"and fall like a waterfall." ??" Bob Ross

    Natural waterfalls are beautiful reminders of how amazing our world is. Their power and structure are evidence of the mighty force and artistry of Mother Nature. Seeing one of these wonders up close is definitely a rewarding experience, and jumping or even just standing on top of one can give you a thrill and sense of freedom.

    Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines are located in the province of Lanao del Norte. There are dozens of them scattered around the region, but some of the most majestic are found in the cit ...