Liki or Gollum Falls

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Liki or Gollum Falls is located in Barangay Bonbonon, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. The height of the waterfalls is approximately 20 ft high and the water depth at the basin is around 6-10 ft.

Liki or Gollum Falls News

  • Climbing Down And Over To Gollum Falls

    Climbing Down And Over To Gollum Falls

    I have been wanting to reach this place ever since I've heard of it just last September. It has been infamously nicknamed as 'Gollum Falls' (though not official…yet) because to get there, you have to re-enact a scene from the Lord of The Rings movie wherein Gollum goes down to the forbidden pool to catch a fish, so juicy sweet! Now to continue on with my story…

    Dotdot, a fellow trek buddy called me up all so suddenly in the wee hours of 7:30 in the morning just to let me know if I wanted to come along with them to visit Gollum Falls right after they gave out framed family photos sponsor ...

  • Discover Iligan Road To Gollum Falls

    Discover Iligan Road To Gollum Falls

    Was I thrilled for the trek? Absolutely. Was I prepared for the challenge? Probably. But was it worth it? The heck it was, every second of it.

    The brink of Dodiongan quietly sits in one of the city's remote communities, Baranggay Kabacsanan. It lies between two waterfalls namely, Dodiongan and an unnamed waterfall, and is the least accessible among the three. The waterfall was dubbed as Gollum Falls as it was presented to public eye by blogger The Lakwatsero last September 2015. Although, it has no official name yet, locals from the baranggay prefer to call it Liki Falls.

    I would love to ...

  • Golluming At The Gollum Falls

    Golluming At The Gollum Falls

    If you know bits and pieces about where I live, you'll know that chasing waterfalls is the thing for almost everyone. Iligan City is the City of Waterfalls and according to them people, there are much more waterfalls to be discovered, yet. Yum-yum!

    I have been here twice -first with my siblings, then with my college chums. Yet, I would love to go there again and back again because once is never enough for this beauty.

    So, people, here's Gollum Falls, a paradise too precious for human delinquency. Though it isn't its official name (yet), The Lakwatsero called it such because you have no c ...

  • Gollum Falls - The Return

    We return to the now infamous Gollum Falls. But this time, we're going up from the base of Dodiongan Falls.

    Bobby Timonera
    Boknoy Buhisan
    Dotdot Sialana
    Mico Falame
    Lian Suezo

    Cameras: Mico, Dotdot, Boknoy

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