Lake Nunungan

Nunungan, Lanao del Norte

Lake Nunungan at 1,535 metres is one of the highest lakes in the Philippines and is also found within the park. It consists of three other lakes which supply water for the municipalities in the Kapatagan Valley and holds an abundant supply of fish.

Lake Nunungan is located in Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park, a protected area of forested mountains in the Northern Mindanao region of ...

the Philippines. The park encompasses the mountain range also known as Mount Iniaoan located in the landlocked municipality of Nunungan in Lanao del Norte and covers a total area of 3,632.74 hectares with a buffer zone of 889.04 hectares.

The Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park is home to a diverse fauna. They include endangered and rare species such as the Philippine eagle, Philippine deer, Mindanao flying squirrel, Mindanao scops owl, white-collared kingfisher, Philippine warty pig and Mindanao hornbill.

Lake Nunungan or Gadungan Lake News

  • Best ENR Documentary Nunungan Lanao Del Norte

    2017 Environment Month Celebration: "Connecting People to Nature."

  • Nunungan Lanao Town In The Process Of Change

    Nunungan Lanao Town In The Process Of Change

    Nunungan, a 5th class town of Lanao del Norte, is among the oldest municipalities of the province together with Sapad, Salavador, Lala, Kapatagan, Sultan Naga Dimaporo and Sultan Kumander (formerly Pekong) in Lanao del Sur.

    Based on population census in 2005, Nunungan, a land-locked hinterland municipality, has an estimated population of more than 18,3500 mostly Maranaw inhabitants in 25 upland barangays to include Abaga, Bangco, Canibongan, Karcum, Dimayon, Inayawan, Kaludan, Kalubuan, Cabasaran, (Laya) Liangan , Lupitan, Mangan, Malaig, Masibay, Poblacion, Notongan, Putadon (Nunungan prop ...

  • The Majestic Mount Inayawan and Lake Nunungan

    The Majestic Mount Inayawan and Lake Nunungan

    Mt. Inayawan is a mountain range located in the heart of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte ??" the biggest municipality of the province in terms of its area. It stands with an astonishing height of 1,535 meters (5,036 feet) above sea level. Alluringly, Mt. Inayawan is the heighest mountain in the province of Lanao del Norte. The mountain which also showcase a beautiful twin lake called Lake Nunungan offers the inhabitants a vast expanse of freshly abundant flora and fauna.

    Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued Presidential Proclamation No. 1344 declaring Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park ...

  • Rediscovering Nunungans Mount Inayawan

    With strong support from the local community, provincial government, and other stakeholders, the Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park may soon be next tourist attraction in the province.

    This was the observation of the Youth for Development (Y4D), after they joined a group of nature lovers on a trek towards Mount Inayawan in the interior town of Nunungan, in whose vicinity the Lake Nunungan is found.

    The group was led by soldiers from the 35th Infantry (Makamandag) Battalion (35IB), Philippine Army, with out-of-school youths, local media, Y4D leaders, non-government and people's organizatio ...

  • Rediscovering Nunungan Mount Inayawan

    On September 23, 2011, soldiers from the 35th Infantry (Makamandag) Battalion led a group of nature lovers in a trek towards Mount Inayawan in the interior town of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte.

    Composed of out-of-school youths, local media, Youth for Development (Y4D) leaders, NGOs, POs, and some government employees, the group aimed to rediscover Mount Inayawan's scenic beauty and appreciate the abundance of its flora and fauna.

    One of the highlights of the three-day camp is a visit to renowned Lake Nunungan. With its calm crystal clear waters complemented by the cool mountain breeze, the ...