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  • Visiting The Beautiful Kapatagan In Lanao Del Norte Philippines

    Visiting The Beautiful Kapatagan In Lanao Del Norte Philippines

    Kapatagan is a second-class municipality that is located in Lanao del Norte, Philippines, specifically in the eastern part of the province. Basically, it is not like other destinations in the country where you can sojourn, as the place offers opportunities for you to do some exploration with nature. As you can see, it has great natural attractions and adventures, as well as scenic charms and hidden gems, which will entwine you. Considering all these things, it seems to be a great place if you wish to travel off the beaten path.


    Most probably, the most popular attraction in Ka ...

  • The 42nd Waterfalls-Santa Cruz Falls

    The 42nd Waterfalls-Santa Cruz Falls

    Location : Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte
    Date : August 16, 2015

    Located in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte around 4 kilometers away from the town center going to the town of Aurora or Pagadian, and before reaching the Sta. Cruz bridge there's a waiting shed. In front of the waiting shed is a small grassy road . This is the starting point of the trek going to the falls.

    Around a hundred meters from the main road is the house of the guide going to the falls. If your not from the area better get a guide because the trek would last for around 30 to 45 minutes. If your feeling adventurous follow th ...

  • A Year In Travels September 2013 Calaguas Islands And Lanao Del Norte Waterfalling

    A Year In Travels September 2013 Calaguas Islands And Lanao Del Norte Waterfalling

    It's been much talked about by my backpacking friends how wonderful the island of Calaguas is. Finally this month, I was able to visit the place many thanks to Isla Lipana who initiated the Philippine Gems campaign, a search for emerging tourist destination in the country. Calaguas Islands and its Mahabang Buhangin didn't disappoint. The journey may be long but it was well worth it. It eventually won the top spot in the Philippine Gems.

    Iligan WAT 2.0

    It was an opportunity I couldn't pass. I love waterfalls and having to visit some of the popular waterfalls in Iligan city without worryin ...

  • Lanao Town Offers Agri Tourism Attractions

    Agriculture-oriented tourists and students will soon find a new haven in the pastoral town of Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte which recently rolled out its agriculture-based tourism program.

    Launched at the Kahumayan Festival, the municipality showcased its rich agricultural yield which will be a springboard for agri-tourism.

    Agri-tourism is an emerging sub-sector of the tourism industry.

    Mayor Benjamin Baguio pointed out that Kapatagan town is endowed with three rich ecosystems of flatlands, upland and coastal land, making it ideal for eco- and agri-based tourism.

    He said that with i ...

  • The Kahumayan Festival

    The Kahumayan Festival is the feast that is celebrated by KapatagueƱos in honor of the staple that has enriched in thousands of lives particularly in Kapatagan valley vicinity.

    It is a tribute to the hardworking, industrious rice farmers who contributed to the development and prosperity of the municipality. Who are undoubtedly the most important part of the country's national food security, the event also highlights the importance of rice, and engaged the participation of individuals and organization in the attainment of the celebrations goal, which is toimproved production to access to ri ...

  • Celebrate The Golden Harvest Of Kapatagan Lanao Del Norte

    Celebrate The Golden Harvest Of Kapatagan Lanao Del Norte

    Have you heard of the Kahumayan festival?

    Kapatagan in Lanao del Norte has a land area of 25,048.41 hectares. It is mostly agricultural and considered to be the province's organic rice basin.

    Every December, in honor of the feast of Saint Francis Xavier, Kapatagan celebrates the Kahumayan Festival.

    The three-day festival (December 1-3, 2015) gives tribute to farmers. The event also showcases various rice products and rice delicacies.

    Along the rice fields of Kapatagan are grasses such as Lampakanay, which many KapatagueƱos converted into baskets as a way to make a living.

    Kapa ...