Dodiongan Falls

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Dodiongan Falls or Angel Winged Falls is a 20 metre high waterfall located in Barangay Bonbonon, 14 km away from Iligan City in Lanao del Norte province of the Philippines.

Dodiongan Falls cascades down to a concrete-like boulder. Its tranquil, cool waters and lush vegetation make it a real haven for nature lovers.

Dodiongan Falls or Angel Winged Falls News

  • Visited Seven Of Iligan Citys Waterfalls In Four Days

    Visited Seven Of Iligan Citys Waterfalls In Four Days

    I have not updated this blog for quite a long time, that's 20 days and 12 hours to be exact, my last post was about my travel to Iligan City for the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0. It must be the lack of inspiration the past weeks :) But now I'm back! Hello I don't want October to just passed with only a single post in this blog. Here are some photos of the waterfalls I was able to visit together with the participants of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0. We visited a total of seven out of the 23 identified waterfalls in Iligan City during the 5 days of WAT 1.0.

    DAY 1
    During the first d ...

  • Iligan The City Of Waterfalls

    The numerous waterfalls in this city is impressive! Maria Christina, Tinago, Mimbalot, Dodiongan, Limunsudan to name a few.

  • Angel-Winged Dodiongan Falls In Iligan City

    Angel-Winged Dodiongan Falls In Iligan City

    The Philippines is home to the best and the most breathtaking places that will definitely be worth of your visit. Places like Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, and many more would definitely make you want to go back more once you see them. Iligan City is one of the places and it is where some of the most mysterious and gorgeous sceneries reside; waterfalls, rivers, you name it!

    Dodiongan Falls is located in Brgy. Digkilaan, Iligan City; in estimation, it is somewhere between 14-15km from the city proper. It is a 20-meter high water splitting beauty that will surely take your breath away. It contains ...

  • The Cascades Of Dodiongan Falls

    The beautiful Cascades of Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte.

  • Gollum Falls - The Return

    We return to the now infamous Gollum Falls. But this time, we're going up from the base of Dodiongan Falls.

    Bobby Timonera
    Boknoy Buhisan
    Dotdot Sialana
    Mico Falame
    Lian Suezo

    Cameras: Mico, Dotdot, Boknoy

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  • The Angel Winged Falls

    The Angel Winged Falls

    Iligan City is so blessed to be endowed with 23 known lovely waterfalls, which the city has nicknamed itself as the City of the Majestic Waterfalls. Among the outdoorsy tourists, travel bloggers and backpackers who love chasing waterfalls, Iligan City is the waterfalls paradise of the Philippines.

    Among its aqua wonders, Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls are the most popular and frequently visited. My recent article on Tinago Falls in this magazine has achieved heart-warming support and appreciation from the city residents as they are proud of their hometown. It is not frequent that one ...